Kamya Shipping Pvt. Ltd

Ethical and Transparent Global Supply Chain Partner: Kamya Shipping Pvt. Ltd

For the economic growth of every country, logistics are very essential. India’s logistics sector is estimated to account for about 14.4% of the GDP, and there are over 22 million people who rely on it for their income. As the logistics industry comprises all supply chain activities such as transportation, the flow of information, inventory […]

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Inspiring Journey

Inspiring Journey of Rohit Kumar Sharma, Founder & CEO, Chaiwalas Group

Life is successful only, the one who suffers from the collision of the apocalypse. It is said that if the intentions are strong and have faith in yourself, then even after a million failures, you definitely get your destination one day or the other. This story is an inspiration for those youths who, being frightened […]

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Successful Entrepreneurs

How Successful Entrepreneurs Think?

We all have a unique way of thinking, which makes every individual different than the rest of their fellow individuals. We all see and perceive things differently, do we not? There are different sects of people all around us such as entrepreneurs, businessmen, doctors, authors, etc. and the people of each sect have their collective […]

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How to Help Colleagues Become Resilient?

Workplace discipline and mannerisms stay with you for your entire life! Resilience or willingness to stretch your limits is one trait that every office ecosystem needs to grow. We are targeting today the significance of resilience in enhancing performance levels and contributing to the company’s success rate. Pushing your colleagues diplomatically can improve their caliber […]

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OneToBeam: A Leading Sales Tool for Realtors and Commercial Space Owners

OneToBeam is India’s leading Virtual Tour service provider. Our virtual tours are used by Realtors to showcase their inventory (built OR under construction) to their clients and thus enhance various efficiencies and most importantly customer satisfaction. OneToBeam is India’s first company to launch a Subscription based On-Demand Virtual Tour, allowing realtors to now affordably showcase […]

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