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10 Most Popular Video Games in the USA America

Most Popular Video Games in the USA

In the United States of America, the video games industry is among one of the fastest-growing industries. In the United States, video games are believed to be a more valuable form of entertainment than others.

So, after knowing that games have more value in the USA than any other form of entertainment, it will not be wrong to assume that video games have a strong fan base over there.

But what video games are the most popular ones in the USA? Where the popularity of games is this high, determining the 10 most popular video games is quite not easy as there is a broad range of games available.

Anyway, to make it a bit easier for you to find out some of the most popular games in the USA, here we have curated a list containing the names of the 10 most popular Video games in the USA.

Continue your read ahead and explore the most popular video games in the USA.

#1. Minecraft

The novelty of this video game is what makes it this popular. And the unique thing about this game is that everything in this game is built with blocks. Everything that you will see in this video game, the houses, roads, the characters of the game, etc. all made of blocks.

This video game comes with no restrictions, which means the player can do anything they want to do in this video game.

But wait, there is a catch in this game. And the catch is that this video game is not free. To play this game, you will have to purchase this game, and then only you can play this video game.

#2. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 5

This video game, GTA 5, is packed with action and adventure and is believed to be one of the most addictive video games available in the market. Once you start playing this video game, you will get glued to it, seriously.

The popularity of GTA 5 is not only in the US but also around the globe, it is the most popular video game in the GTA series.

This video game takes you to a fantasy world that is made up of Southern California and San Andreas. Pay your high attention when you are in GTA 5’s world of fantasy because crime is omnipresent in this world and this is something that is happening 24 by 7 in this world of GTA 5. So beware while you roam around these two places of this fantasy world, i.e. California and San Andreas.

#3. The Sims 4

The main theme of The Sims 4 is to create your Avatar, show emotions, and enjoy the video game. Yeah, you read that right. You can think of this game as a small simulation video game, released in the year 2014.

This game comes with features such as house-building tools, character-building, and new emotions and personality traits for the Sims in this video game. But the thing is that this game can be played only in single-player mode.

If we talk about the reviews of this video game, it has received both positive and negative reviews, lack of content and features in this video game gained the most of negative reviews from its users or players.

But this game can be a good escape from the real world as it enables you to establish and try different personalities which could be quite interesting, could it not?

#4. Fortnite

This video game is based on a survival battle, which was released in the year 2017. There are three distinct playing modes in this video game, the reason behind its fame. All of these game modes share a common game engine and gameplay.

This video game also comes with no restrictions and gives the player complete independence to play.

#5. Among Us

This video game is inspired by the party game, Mafia, and the science fiction horror film, The King. It was released in the year 2018 but it became popular in 2020 with 8 million online players.

#6. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) 2017

Just like GTA 5, this video game is also highly addictive but is different from GTA 5. As you can guess by the name of this video game only, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is a multi-player shooting game, in which the players or you can say the characters shoot up to 100 of the rival team’s players. It is a death match.

#7. Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Super Mario Bros. is the successor video game to the innovative 1983 arcade game, Super Mario. It is also known as one of the greatest video games of all time.

In this game’s multiplayer mode, players get to control Mario and his brother Luigi and race in the kingdom of mushrooms.

#8. Mario Kart 8/Deluxe (2014)

Nintendo developed this kart racing video game and it was released for Wii U Console. Its anti-gravity driving feature, which enables the players to drive on the walls and ceilings, makes this game interesting and attractive to play.

#9. Wii Fit/Plus (2007)

If you are looking for an innovative and active gaming experience, this video game will suit you perfectly. This game also comes with an enhanced version named plus, which was created by Nintendo for its Wii Console.

There is a unique peripheral used by Wii Fit, players stand on this during their exercise while tracking their center of balance.

#10. Pac-Man (1980)

Namco developed this video game for arcades and it is believed to be a legendary maze action game that holds a commercial and cultural legacy.

In this video game, the players are required to show the path to a hungry character through an enclosed maze while also keeping the hungry character safe from the chasing ghosts.


So, these are the 10 most popular video games in the USA that we learned about in this article. Two of these video games are popular not only in the USA but also around the globe, GTA 5 and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Hope this was an insightful read for you and you have enjoyed reading this article.

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