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Exciting Facts About the 5 Biggest Airports in the World


The airport is the place that helps people to connect with air travel, and it also allows people to undergo the perfect traveling process for moving domestically and internationally. Most of the biggest airports in the world are international airports that provide international flight services for traveling from one country to another and even from one continent to another. Though international flights are enormous, the place that holds them also needs to be significant. 

The Biggest airports in the world will have the capacity to hold more International flights and need better infrastructure and services that help the fights to work correctly. These large airports will have several divisions of workers who take care of various works in those airports and support the entire system to work effectively and provide perfect customer service. 

Let explore the biggest airports in the world

Considering the coverage area and other elements, some of the top and biggest airports are on this list. All these airports are massive in the area and have several attractive structures that attract many people worldwide. These airports will have several shops and entertainment elements inside them, and though these are huge airports, some have different shopping malls for their customers. 

#1. King Fahd International Aiport – Dammam, Saudi Arabia

This King Fahd International Airport is also known as Damman International airport among the people, and the name for this airport is after the former king of Saudi Arabia. This airport is the world’s largest by area, covering over 299,62 miles which are 776 square kilometers. The best example to understand the size of this airport is to compare it with New York City. 

So, the total size of this International airport is equal to that of New York City, which even contains two significant airports. In the earlier stages, this International airport worked as an American military base, and later it became the world’s most influential airport hosting several flights and passengers daily. This airport hosts about 9.7 million passengers annually and has a vast onsite mosque with a capacity of 2000 worshippers.

#2. Denver International Airport – Denver, Colorado

This Denver International Airport is the second largest international airport in the world and is the home of the most significant runway available for public use in North America. The length of that particular runway is about 16,000 feet which is 4877 meters. The entire city size of Denver is about 155 square miles, and one-third of the city is this airport, also known commonly as Coloradans. 

This airport is in the east part of central Denver, and the entire area is rural farmland. This airport has the best and most elaborate system of underground trains to connect all the entrances and the main terminal. So, this feature helps people get in time for their terminals to board their flights. This airport in Denver serves about 33,742,129 passengers annually, and that is because of its massive structure and its maintenance measures.

#3. Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport – Dallas, Texas

Dallas International Airport’s control tower handles most of America’s airlines. This place is the world’s third-largest airport that hosts several international flights worldwide. This airport is between two Texas cities, Dallas & Fort worth. This location is the American Airlines headquarters, and most flights use this as a significant point for their passengers to do flight transfers. 

The total size of this airport is about 26.88 square miles which is 69.6 square kilometers. So this airport has the perfect traffic that supports this size, making DFW international airport the second-busiest airport in the U.S. This airport handles most passenger traffic in the country, and that is also because of its particular location. This airport handles 39,364,990 passengers annually.

#4. Orlando International Airport – Orlando, Florida

The Orlando International Airport has the most attractive views among the top international airports and has several beautiful elements. This largest airport is located in Florida and is the fourth-largest international airport worldwide. It was McCoy Air Force Base until 1975, and later it was converted by the government into an international airport for passengers worldwide. 

The total size of this airport is about 20.78 square miles which is 53.8 square kilometers. Though this is the largest airport, it uses all its space to handle all its customers. This airport is not only the most significant but also the busiest airport in Florida and the seventh busiest airport in the country.

#5. Washington Dulles International Airport – Washington, D.C.

Though Washington, D.C., is an essential part of the USA, three significant airports are available, and this Washington Dulles International Airport is the most critical airport among them. It has more space than the other two airports and is the world’s fifth-largest international airport. The three airports in this location will have similar levels of passenger traffic. 

The area covered by this airport is about 18.75 square miles which is 48.6 square kilometers. This airport has been running since 1962 and is ultimately a rural area of Washington, D.C. In this airport, people can get various unique features, and they also have a transport facility in the airport for people to reach their terminals without any issues. So, all these are the significant facts to know about the Washington International Airport. 


These are exciting details to know about the world’s top biggest airports, which will help people learn about those airports. This article also contains more specific information about the airports and their capacity for holding flights, hosting passengers, and many other features. These details depend on the airport’s size and some other similar elements. 

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