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How to Identify Fake Job Posts Online

Online job scams are increasing rapidly, which is causing big financial losses to thousands of people, every day. Thousands of people look for various jobs online, and there are crooks out there who post fake jobs online or send fraudulent messages to potential job seekers to fool and loot them.

As the unemployment rate is also at its peak in our country, it is now the need of the hour that we become aware of such things so that we can be safe from getting scammed while searching for jobs online.

So, moving forward with this article, here are some of the ways using which anyone can easily identify if a job post is fake.

Keep reading this article till the end as this is related to your job decisions.

#1. Pay Attention to the Job Description

When you come across a job post online, read its description very carefully. If you pay enough attention to the job description that the job poster has posted, you will find out that it is unprofessionally written and lacking in accuracy. There will be grammatical errors and may contain things that sound quite unrealistic.

Pay attention to their wordings as well, you will see their wordings like “a multinational company is looking for,” “top MNC is hiring,” “earn 25K+ per month using your mobile phone,” etc., which are the red flags that show the job is fake.

Also, sometimes they send or provide a link as well below their job description that never reveals the real website, they are most often a link. No matter what the link says, do not click on those links because it might be a phishing attempt to hack into your phone or computer.

#2. Do a Quick Google Search

Searching for a company on Google is another way to verify any job posting you come across online. And when you search for a company online, look for the official website of the company. If the job is fake, you will not find any official website on the internet, instead, you will find that the same job is posted on other job portals. This is another sign telling you not to fall into the trap of fraudsters. Walk away from that job post.

And if you receive that job post through SMS or WhatsApp from an unknown number, block the sender right away and put the number on the blacklist so that they cannot call you.

#3. Check and Verify their Email Address

In case you receive the job offer via email, do not forget to check and verify the same. If the address is Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail then you know that the job offer is not genuine at all. Report the email and block the email sender. And do not click any links given in that job email.

The genuine job offer will always come from a company mail, i.e., and not from a address.

This is one of the unavoidable signs that the job offer is fake and the said company in the email is not in the existence.

#4. The Job Offer is Unrealistically Lucrative

It is another big hint of a job offer or posting is fake and fraudulent. The job description is enough to sense this. Here is one example: “A great work-from-home opportunity for students, fresher, housewives, etc. to earn 25K+ per month using your phone. Daily payout. Full online work, we are a multinational company.”

This type of job offer is all honey trap, do not become its prey. Stay safe from these job scams.

Here is one more example: suppose you are looking for a computer operator post and you come across a similar job post online that is offering you 80K per month as a computer operator. Can you believe it? You should never! Search their company on Google and verify before proceeding.


These were the ways to identify and differentiate between fake and real job posts online. Though it is not new that people, who are desperately seeking a job, are getting scammed every day by such fraudsters out of their making money out of someone’s need.

So, we should become aware of such things and be safe, especially when we are applying for or looking for jobs online.

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