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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work? 2023

What is Affiliate Marketing

Okay, so how many of you have heard the term “affiliate marketing?” I guess, almost all of you have heard this term due to its growing popularity, nowadays. It sounds like a fairy tale, you are sitting at your home in your comfort and making money, day and night. Some people are even making dollars or mid-five figures per month through affiliate marketing. Take Ryan Robinson, for example.

Does it all not make us wonder how they can do this? Well, to know how they are doing this, we first need to learn about affiliate marketing and how it works. And today, we are focused on the same – affiliate marketing and its work process.

Continue your reading ahead and know everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing. Let us start with the very basics, then.

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?
What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

In simple words, affiliate marketing is when you promote a product of a company through your blogs, social media pages, or any other online mode and earn a commission from the sales you made them get. Without working for the company whose products you are promoting.

Ever came across headings like “sponsored post,” or “promoted” on several websites that you visit? They are an example of affiliate marketing. The websites on which you see or read such headings are promoting the product(s) for which those headings are showing, through affiliate marketing.

So, now that we learned the definition of affiliate marketing, let us proceed further in our topic of discussion.

How Many Types of Affiliate Marketing are there?

Affiliate Marketing is of two types, the first one we have already discussed above in the definition. So we are going to skip that and discuss the second type of affiliate marketing a bit.

The second type of affiliate marketing is when you create a product and someone else, on your behalf, promotes your product through their website, blog, social media channels, etc. and you credit them with their commission for every sale you get from the affiliate. It is vice-versa of the first type of affiliate marketing that we discussed above in the definition of affiliate marketing.

In the first one, you are the affiliate marketer, and the product owner, whose product you are promoting, is the merchant who will pay you for every sale you made them get. While in the second one, you are the merchant who will pay the other for each sale they, who promotes your products, will make you get – your affiliate marketer. Interesting?

One of the Important Parts of Affiliate Marketing – The Consumers

Well, neither the merchant nor the affiliate marketer will get any benefit from Affiliate marketing if there is no consumer for the product or services being promoted through it. Consumers are one of the main parts of affiliate marketing, without them, no marketing can ever succeed.

Because they are the people who will do the acquisition of the products. Until they make a purchase, the product owner will not get a sale, and hence, the affiliate marketer will also not get any commission. Are you able to see how everything is connected or interlinked with each other and plays a significant role in each other’s success? Quite philosophical, is it not?

By reading this far, you might be wondering how to do affiliate marketing, am I right? Well, that is great! Let us learn the same, ahead.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer and How Affiliate Marketing Works?

You no need to worry if you are new to affiliate marketing and want to know how to do it. Because we are going to cover this as well.

You will find many affiliated programs out there, from which you need to choose the one you are interested to join in. Learn about their programs like an overview of the program that you are about to join, what services they are providing, their guidelines, their payment method, and the amount of commission that you are going to get in their affiliate program.

If everything suits you and is meeting your needs or requirements, continue with the further process by signing up. Post this process, you will have to wait for getting approval from their side. And once you get the approval, you are all ready to start your journey of affiliate marketing with them.

Afterward, you start to work on creating content incorporating the custom links that will be provided by the program. Those custom links help them to track when you get them a sale or you can say that when people make the purchase.

You then get a small amount of commission in return for it. But wait! Here is a catch! You do not start earning right after a purchase has been made. You will have to wait till you reach a minimum reimbursement level. The payment that you will receive will generally be done by bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal.

So far, we have learned about affiliate marketing: its definition, types of affiliate marketing, the role of the consumers in affiliate marketing, how it works, and how to become an affiliate marketer. But, what about its benefit? Is it worth doing? Well, ahead we are going to discuss and learn about the same.

Are There Any Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

One line answer to this question is: Yes, there are a good few benefits of doing affiliate marketing. But we know this is not a sufficient answer to give. Do not worry, though. We will elaborate it ahead, keep reading!

  1. You Can Easily Start and Scale it: Because you are not required to go through a lengthy and time-taking process to create a product by yourself, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start earning. In affiliate marketing, you also do not require to be skilled in any particular niche. So you can easily succeed in the field of affiliate marketing. Over time, affiliate marketing will enable you to generate a passive income and is exceedingly scalable. Once your audience base has grown, you become capable of finding new products and services that you can sponsor or promote, and boosting the lifetime value of your client or customer.
  2. A Source of Passive Income: As I have mentioned in the first point above, affiliate marketing can be a great source for anyone with computer and blogging knowledge to generate a passive income. Creating blogs and publishing them is one of the most common but still impactful ways to endorse or promote affiliate programs. Now those blogs can contain anything, like a how-to guide with an affiliate link to a helpful tool for the readers of the particular blog, product reviews, etc. Once you are done with creating a blog and publishing it, you can then optimize it for the search engines so that they can show your content in their search results. And for doing this, you can use the tactics of search engine optimization. If you have created your content of such good quality that it is ranking higher on the search engine results, you can expect to see more visitors to your site, which will profit you in your commission.
  3. It Comes with Low Risk: Affiliate marketing is a low-risk source of online income. Especially, when you compare it to creating a whole product. In affiliate marketing, the only place where you need to spend some money is to create a website and optimize it. Because your website will be your platform where you will be doing your affiliate marketing work, i.e., promoting or sponsoring products or services of your merchant (the affiliate program creator). And one interesting thing in affiliate marketing is that if you find your certain products are not doing well as you expected them to be, you can then start promoting new items, too. So there is no burden you have to take if things are not going your way in affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate marketer, you can always choose a different product or service to promote amongst your readers or the audiences that are coming to your website.
  4. Extended Reach: Affiliate Marketing enables its creators to extend their company’s reach. It is a win-win method for both the creator of the program i.e., the merchant and the affiliate marketer. While the merchant or the creator of the affiliate program is getting an extended reach through affiliate marketers, affiliate marketers are succeeding to generate a passive income, in addition to their regular 9 to 5 job. Sounding pretty cool, right? We know it is!


So, in today’s topic, we have learned about what is affiliate marketing, what its types are, how to become an affiliate marketer, the role of the consumer in affiliate marketing, and what are some of the benefits of doing affiliate marketing.

This was all for our topic of discussion, we hope that it has provided you with some insights about affiliate marketing and it must have answered your queries regarding the same.

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