Mental Health

How Beneficial is Exercise for Our Mental Health?

Everyone is much aware of the physical benefits of a healthy exercising regime. What about mental health? Very few people are aware of mental wellness, which often leads to conditions like anxiety or depression. Relieving yourself from the symptoms of mental ailments is possible even through physical exercises. Want to know how? Here’s a detailed […]

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Psychological Reasons Why Competition is not Healthy

We are living in an era of competition where almost everyone is competing with everyone else. It is widespread and exists everywhere, even in friendship, sadly. But the truth be told, competition is overrated and harmful unless the competition is with one’s self. Yeah, I know that this will sound unusual to most of you […]

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brain memory

10 Tips to Increase Your Brain Memory

Our brain is one of the most complex structures found in the universe. Human existence has become possible due to the power of the brain. We survived and became conscious because our brains evolved to adapt to new surroundings over time.  Many centuries have passed, but we have yet to learn much about our brains. Scientists […]

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10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies in India in 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the booming industries in India, we will find many pharmaceutical companies manufacturing and producing relevant products. According to Wikipedia, India’s pharmaceutical industry was valued at 42 US billion dollars, in 2021. Being the largest supplier of COVID-19 Vaccines in the world, it accounts for over 50% of all Corona […]

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