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The Top 10 MBA Colleges in India

MBA Colleges in India

An MBA degree is a very important degree for many people. They want to study the best. This degree can open lots of jobs option in different areas, like marketing. If someone studies well at a reputed college, their chances of getting a good job with a good salary get increase automatically. Many students want to complete their MBA from top colleges, so they can perfectly receive study.

India has many colleges which come at the top and also have a top collage of some specific subject like MBA.

College becomes popular when they do things for their student perfectly, and students of that college receive something good.


Name of top 10 MBA Colleges in India:

  • IIM Ahmedabad: This College came on many people’s top lists. According to NIRF rankings, this college ranked in the top three times continuously, and it’s a big thing for a college. A good decision maker never misses a chance to get admission to this college. They give different opportunities to their people, like even the opportunity for jobs. Most of the students get the highest number in their subject after studying in this college.
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore: This is another popular IIM college present in another place and gets the second rank after Ahmadabad collage. The college gives full placements to its students, which makes this college more special for students who want a good income after graduation. They offer different things to their students for their better studies and experience.
  • Department of Management Studies: This College is present in Delhi. It also gets some good ranks according to NIRF ranking to different colleges of MBA in India. The fee is not much like another popular college, but they can make your salary double your fees. Many Delhi MBA students choose this place for their future studies. Anyone with a good percentage can take admission here.
  • FMS Delhi: The University always participates in big programmers and gives the opportunity to good decision-maker students. They provide different courses with excellent teaching. They research to make things better in their college. Some of their courses are very new and beneficial for people, and they are fully approved. They also provide different things to their students, like a library. They also participate in different big events.
  • XLRI Jamshedpur: It has been present for a very long time in India. They have sources of around seven for their post-graduation students. They also collaborate with other colleges, which are popular all over the world. This college also comes in good ranking college all over India. They offer different beneficial facilities to their students for their better studies and also give them the opportunity to prove themselves.
  • IIM in Calcutta: They also offer different programmers or courses in their place. IIM has some good colleges all over India, and one of them is this one, which is present in Calcutta. The place also got a good rating on the internet, and people also reviewed the college with a positive response. People who live in Calcutta and want to do MBA mostly choose this college for their next studies.
  • Lucknow college of IIM: People can find this college in the top ranks whenever it comes to choosing good MBA colleges. The college always tries to give the best study, facility, and opportunity to their students. They also offer some international programs to their students. Seven courses are viable in this college. Students can get good jobs after studying at this college.
  • NITIE Mumbai: It’s a public college and came in good rank. It’s also an old college present from a long time in Mumbai. It provides premium type study to their students, and results of this college are making the rank always good. It’s also a good college for doing engineering. They also have a good ranking in some other different areas. They also offer some good facilities to their students like a good hostel.
  • SJMSOM IIT Bombay: The University collaborates with different good academies and organizations that support them. They have different clubs in their college for different opportunities for their students. All courses have different fees. The college also has a good rank among the best colleges for MBA, which is present in India. Fees for MBA are around eight lakhs in this college, which is a little less than those colleges that have top ranks.
  • MDI Gurgaon: It’s a private type of area, not a public one. It’s spread over a huge area of Gurgaon. They have many good courses, which make this institute better and perfect to choose from. The institute has the Tenth rank, which is quite good. They also served different good facilities or their all courses and programs students. Many students receive a good percentage and make their college name bigger. That’s why it still comes in some top-ranked colleges in India.

How to choose the right college?

  • We have a list of some top 10 colleges for MBA but choosing the perfect one from all of them is still a hard thing for lots of students. Students can choose the university which is top, but if they don’t choose because of some reasons so they can go to near top universities. If they live near Gurgaon, so they can choose that university. People can also choose according to their requirements of study and according to their fees budget for doing an MBA.
  • Suppose students have a good budget for choosing the best college so they can choose the top ones and live in a hostel. Choose a college which has courses which you want for your future courses. The facility is also something that matters for many people.


Different colleges of MBA have different requirements when it comes to choosing a student. People with a good percentage can get admission daily, some also ask for some exams before admission, so they can choose only the best students for them.

Hostels are available in all top colleges, so people do not face the problem of living if their home is far from the college. Choose the best for your best MBA degree.

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