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Book free Ambulance for pregnant women

In a good society, everyone should take care of pregnant women. It’s great when the government supports them with schemes, but it’s also important for businesses to help this initiative for social welfare.

Now, GoAid Ambulance is making headlines with its Free Ambulance Service for Women. This might be new to you, but many expecting moms can benefit from it. If you don’t know about this ambulance service or how to book a free ride for pregnant women, don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll give you all the info you need about this scheme and how to get a free ambulance for pregnant women.

Helping a pregnant woman with free medical transportation help is very crucial for an ideal society. GoAid has started this initiative with its scheme.  Booking a free ambulance service for pregnant women is easy, and you have two options government ambulances or the GoAid Ambulance Scheme.

Government Ambulance

  1. Contact Local Health Department: You just need to get in touch with your local health department or emergency services helpline.
  2. Provide Details After that, you need to share important information like your location, medical condition, and pregnancy status.
  3. Await Assistance After doing that, a government ambulance will quickly come to take you safely to the medical facility you need.

GoAid Ambulance Scheme

If you want to avail the benefits of GoAid’s ‘Free Ambulance for Pregnant Women’ Scheme, then you just need to follow these steps-

  1. Download the App or Call Helpline: You have to use the GoAid Ambulance Service app or call their dedicated helpline.
  2. User-Friendly Booking: After that, follow a simple process to book an ambulance specifically for pregnancy-related transportation.
  3. Good News with a Girl Child: if you are blessed with a female child or girl child then you have to submit all the proofs and relatable documents to our Whatsapp Number +91-9015908908.
  4. Refund Incentive:  After that, you’ll get the benefit from this special scheme that not only offers free ambulance services but also gives a complete refund for those delivering a girl child.
  5. Documentation Process After the girl’s childbirth, complete the necessary paperwork to claim the refund. This will support our cause of gender equality.

What is GoAid Ambulance Service’s Scheme of “Free Ambulance for Pregnant Women?”

GoAid Ambulance Service in India has introduced a remarkable initiative called the “Free Ambulance for Pregnant Women” scheme.e We have added a complete set of details below

#1 Eligibility Criteria

  • The scheme is open to all pregnant women residing in major cities across India.
  • To qualify for the free ambulance service, the woman must require medical transportation related to her pregnancy. It can be for routine check-ups, emergencies, or childbirth.

#2. Application Process

  • Pregnant women can easily book a free ambulance through the GoAid Ambulance Service app or by contacting their helpline at +91- 80082-80020.
  • The application process is designed to be user-friendly. it will ensure quick access to the service during critical situations.

#3. Refund Scheme for Girl Child Birth

  • In this great move, GoAid Ambulance Service offers a complete refund of the ambulance fare for pregnant women who give birth to a girl child.
  • if you want to claim the refund, the woman needs to complete the necessary documentation process after the birth of girl’s child.

#4. Documentation Requirements

To be eligible for the refund, the woman must provide relevant documents, including the birth certificate of the newborn, proof of ambulance usage, and any other documents specified by GoAid Ambulance Service.

#5. Affordability and Quality Service

  • This scheme is not just a refund scheme., GoAid Ambulance Service is committed to providing affordable yet high-quality ambulance services to pregnant women.
  • This scheme aims to ease the financial burden associated with medical transportation. With it, we try to ensure timely and safe transport for every pregnant woman.

#6. Promoting Gender Equity

GoAid Ambulance Service actively aims to contribute to the broader societal goal of promoting gender equality. We always celebrate the birth of every girl child. With this initiative, of offering a refund specifically for the birth of a girl child, We are working toward our goal.

#7. Public Awareness Campaigns

To ensure that pregnant women are aware of this beneficial scheme, GoAid Ambulance Service conducts public awareness campaigns in Delhi through various channels. This also includes social media, community outreach programs, and collaborations with healthcare institutions.


In conclusion, We would like to add that booking a free ambulance for pregnant women is very important. But if you can do it for free, then it will be a major relief for a woman or her family. GoAid Ambulance Service has initiated this initiative for benefits all around & also promotes and creates general awareness of the Life of a Girl Child. You can get to know about it by dialing our contact number +91- 80082-80020.

Indeed Government ambulances offer a straightforward process to provide free ambulances, but if you want a free ambulance service with the facilities of a private ambulance service GoAid ambulance service provides not only free services but also a refund incentive for delivering a girl child.


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