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5 Pros and Cons of Drinking Tea, You Should Know

Pros and Cons of Drinking Tea

Tea has a long history traced back to the 2nd century BC when it originated. Though the place of its origination is quite unsure as some say it originated in China, while some say that the place of its origination may be either India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka. But the majority of people believe that tea was invented in China. And according to Wikipedia, tea was first consumed as a medical drink, in China’s Shang Dynasty.

Now it does not matter where this beverage originated, as it has now become a fact that tea is consumed around the globe. According to the Global Tea Consumption Statistics, tea consumption amounted to around 6.3 billion kilograms, in 2020, and it has the potential to touch 7.4 billion kilograms by 2025. And, as per this report by Livemint, the daily consumption of tea is 3.7 billion cups.

We all take tea, at least twice a day, do we not? Of course, we do! But, are we aware of its pros and cons? Do we know how it will benefit us and how it will not? Yes, you have guessed it right. We will be exploring some of the pros and cons of drinking tea. Read the pros and cons of drinking tea, ahead.

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Pros of Drinking Tea

#1. It Has Antioxidants

There are many proven health benefits of tea, some of the benefits include that it prevents us from cardiovascular disease. And because it releases antioxidants when we consume it, it kills the free radicals that it finds in our body and protects our cells from getting damaged.

#2. It is Less-Caffeinated

In comparison to coffee, it carries less caffeine. So those who want to reduce their caffeine consumption can choose tea as an alternative to coffee.

#3. Tea Might be Able to Reduce the Heart Attack Risk

The risk of heart attack also can be reduced if we take tea thrice a day, as per this news by Medindia. Alongside, tea is also helpful to maintain healthy skin and in weight loss.

#4. Tea Makes You Feel Relaxed

L-theanine Amino Acid in tea is beneficial to reduce the level of anxiety and promotes the feeling of relaxation.

#5. Tea Strengthen Your Bones

Tea has several properties that make our bones strong and prevent us from osteoporosis risk.

As we are now aware of the 5 pros or benefits of tea consumption, let us take a look at tea’s cons or harmfulness also.

Cons of Tea Consumption

#1. Cause of Increased Anxiety

Because tea contains caffeine, it can cause increased anxiety in you when or if tea consumption is in excess. Too much caffeine consumption can give you anxiety disorders. And not only this, but caffeine can also increase your heart rate and can give you a headache.

#2. Sleep-Cycle Disruption

This also happens due to caffeine, which is a stimulant. Caffeine in it can make you an insomniac as your natural sleep cycle gets disrupted.

#3. Tea Can Cause Nausea

Tea contains a substance called Tannins (sort of brown or yellow, and tastes bitter), which causes vomiting and nausea, not to all, though. Those who are allergic to this substance, drink milk with tea hoping to prevent it but milk does not help them.

#4. Acidity and Kidney Damage

Excess tea consumption can develop acidity problems in the stomach which affects digestion negatively and causes heartburn as well. Your kidney can also get damaged if your tea consumption is high or more than normal.

#5. Problematic During Pregnancy

Tea consumption during pregnancy can cause your child to face stern health issues, as tea contains theine, your child in your womb will also consume part of it if you consume it.

#6. Consumption of Tea Can Lead to Nutrient Loss

High amounts of tea consumption make you go to the toilet often, which makes you lose nutrients from your body. So, be careful and make sure that your tea consumption is in control and is normal, like twice or thrice a day.


Here, we discussed 5 pros or benefits of tea consumption and 6 cons or harmfulness of tea consumption. We got to know a very brief history of tea. Like its place of origination, and first tea consumption. Besides it, we also got to know about some of the interesting facts or data related to tea.

We hope that you found this post informative and have benefited from the same.

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