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Inspiring Success Stories of Urban Company

Influential Success Story of Urban Company

Urban Company, previously known as UrbanClap, is India’s leading service provider company. It has been established as the beacon of convenience. It offers a wide range of services to serve the expert professionals in people’s accommodation and many more. UrbanClap was founded in 2014 by three enthusiastic youths to provide a reliable, transparent and hassle-free service experience. Here, you will find the inspiring success story of Urban Company.

Urban Company has become one of India’s prime service delivery agencies, with a workforce of more than 40,000 professionals in different service industries. This company is one of the reliable solutions for Reliable Home Services.

Overview of Urban Company

The UrbanClap was founded in 2014 by Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Varun Khaitan and Raghav Chandra. They started to provide home service in various categories, including painting, plumbing, cleaning, repair, and accommodation. Appliances repairs, etc. In the Initial days.

Currently,n 40,000 professionals work in different service sectors. Also, their presence is now in India and the UAE. In India, they serve a total of 31 major cities.

Journey of Urban Company

Before 2014, competitors like Justdial were already present in the Indian market. But still, it was a narrow niche. So, in 2014, the three fresh-minded people decided to invest in a fresh niche with the expected potential growth. Based on this origin, UrbanClap became the Service Industry.

However, bringing the service industry into the market was challenging in the initial days. So, Urban Company shifted to a holistic full-cycle model by skipping the lead generation approach. Later, it makes it easy for professionals to improve their skills.

Similarly, for the Urban Company, it was an excellent time to quickly get a significant amount of capital from different investors. Twelve different investor groups have funded this fresh, unique niche for providing reliable Home services.

Reported Statistics of Urban Company

The inspiring success story of Urban Company is factful. Currently, the company provides reliable home services to more than 50 Lakh customers. Also, they have extended and featured their services in 150 different categories ranging from beauty, painting, repairs, spa, and grooming to urban cleaning services.

So, by catering the services to more than 50,00,00 customers in 150 different categories from more than 40,000 service professionals, they have gained the most positive revenue growth of more than 150% compared to last year’s report.

Also, to expand their services, well-known business houses like Tiger Global and Vy Capital, including Sequoia Capital, have financed more than $440 Million to Urban Company. Based on this report, this company will be more reliable and extended with the maximum increase in revenue in future.

Likewise, when we check the ratings and customer satisfaction history of Urban Company, more than 95% of customers are positive about them with good or excellent service ratings.

Here’s the Inspiring Success Story of Urban Company: Business Model

From the initial days, they have been fully functioning with their services from the website or mobile app. When you explore their site or app, you will get many needed services and are ready to serve with their expertise. Here, you will get a flexible option like the Marketplace to explore the services from qualified professionals for any services like Home cleaning, Beauty Services, Men’s grooming, Bathroom cleaning, and many more. Here are the key points followed by them in their business model,

Wider & Excellent Service

Firstly, they adopted a simple business model to provide more comprehensive services to their customers. They have built a marketplace for most services to be accessible from one place. Due to this, Urban Company has hired professionals to cater to the services better when the customers offer them.

In this process, they have undertaken the multi-stage selection process to provide quality service by taking control of their standards.

Ease Customer Experience

Another strategy that makes them successful in this industry is due to it’s custom experience excellence. They have made it easy for their customers to get better and more intent services based on the requirements of their location. With the wide range of services, the customer can effortlessly find the required services from qualified professionals without compromising the standards and at competitive prices.

Urban Company Success Story Revenue Model

Urban Company is based on the commission per Service. They get the revenue or commission based on each Service they provide they provide, following the CPA Model. In this process, the service provider or professionals hired to cater to the particular Service must pay a specific fee to the urban company each time. Although the commission model is based on the type of Service, it’s the single and prime source of Revenue for the Urban Company.

Besides the CPA Model (Cost Per Action), they also have another option to increase revenue through the FMCG Industry. Also, the service providers are charged while registering and adding supplements, and advanced training and innovative solutions are provided to them.


The Inspiring Success Story of Urban Company shows that technology and customer satisfaction are critical factors. Starting in 2014, this company followed the expansion of plans and focused on innovation to enter a new niche. So, by harnessing the power of technology, they have taken an extensive stage to cater quality services to more than 50 Lakhs people from more than 40,000 certified professionals on 150 different services.

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