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Success Story of FOGG

Success Story of FOGG, who disrupts the scent industry.

FOGG has become the most popular deodorant product in India since 2010. Still, this product is in the pinnacle position because of its guaranteed 800 sprays per bottle and other remarkable points. Suppose you are worried about diving more into the success story of FOGG. In that case, you will be clear about how Fogg and Darshan Patel disrupted the scent industry in the Indian market.

Story of FOGG Dedorant (Scent)

Fogg Scent

For the Vini Group of Companies by Darshan Patel, the FOGG has become the biggest game changer compared to other products. However, the most mentionable products are Moov, Krack, Dermicool, Itchguard, etc. If the market is satisfactory, the ratio of FOGG Scent is far higher than all of these.

Among several deodorant brands in India, it was the most significant successful product in Indian History due to its unique selling points and word-of-mouth publicity. When we dive into the past, Patel has embarked on this successful journey with the clear vision of providing the best and most satisfactory product in the crowd of competitors.

Similarly, we look at the key factors that make it a successful product with its unique proposition of ‘no-gas‘ deodorant. Also, their guarantee of 800 Sprays per Bottle was the innovative reason for success.

Reported Earnings of FOGG

Vini Cosmetics plays a significant role in making the FOGG accessible to different nations. Besides India, FOGG is also present in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. So, with this larger audience, the product successfully dominated the market share and earned a significant earning of more than Rs 10,000 Crores.

The Marketing Strategy that Changed the Industry

The distinctive marketing strategy and commitment of Darshan Patel have made the product the most significant achievement in the deodorant industry. Based on the Market share of the existing countries, it has captured more than 12% of satisfied customers.  Here, you can take a look at their most commonly practised marketing strategy to get massive profit and brand value,

l  Unique Selling Point

Firstly, the selling points they followed were acceptable to the market. As we know, to stand out in the competitive market, we have a crucial and unique selling point. So, with extensive market research, they have learned to show commitment to their product.

Like the groundbreaking non-gaseous spray, the commitment to 800 sprays per bottle makes the brand honest in its service. Also, they have learned from the comments and significant feedback to be closer to the customer experience.

l  Transparent and Authentic

However, later on, the word-of-mouth was enough for the FOGG. However, from the initial days, they have been committed to the transparency and authenticity of their products. At first, they believed in providing high-quality products at the competitive price. Besides these, the long-lasting deodorants compared to competitor brands make them more friendly to customers’ needs.

With all these, Fogg has also committed to dermatologically testing each deodorant. It means they are safe for the skin. So, this commitment to quality and skin-friendliness makes them a more favourable choice and makes them stand out.

l  More Social with Marketing

In India, FOGG is the supreme brand, holding the central portion of the market share in the deodorant industry. For marketing, they have adopted the unique and most effective strategy of targeting customers of every age group. Also, their effective distribution channel helps them succeed in this field.

As it originated in India, they are well aware of the Indian taste towards deodorant, so they have made it friendly to Indian users, too.

Besides, for easy accessibility throughout the country, the Vini Group (parent company) follows an effective distribution pattern to be accessible to every type of consumer.

With their strong presence across the country, whether in local shops, supermarkets, e-commerce stores, or other stores, every type of customer is offered to buy with their marketing chain.

l  The Most Attracting Campa’gn, ‘Kya Chal Raha’Haii

The quotations are memorable for many of us campaigned by the FOGG. The most unique campaign they followed made them rememberable and created word-of-mouth value. They have a strong presence in advertising over all the possible channels in India.

Besides these, the different campaigns make us remember and go for the productoday’sday’s date. Their different taglines ‘ike ‘Fogg Chal Raha’Ha’i’, ‘Bina gas wala body ‘pray’ inclu’ing ‘Phir K’atam”Doesn’tesn’t get Blown’Away’ are the most catchable for us. One core strategy they made was transparency from the beginning.


Since 2010, Fogg has adopted most of India’s market share as the best and most competitive brand. Their commitments, transparency, and quality at competitive prices have made them the dominant player in India within just two years. Also, their most effective market campaigns, tagline and word-of-mouth publicity make them the personal deodorant for Millions of Indians.

Also, effective marketing and research with unique selling points make it a successful and dominant player in the deodorant Industry.

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