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5 Best Trending Social Media Automation Tools | 2023

Social Media Automation Tools


5 Best Trending Social Media Automation Tools

We all have heard about many social media automation tools, as we are living in the era of technology. And since there are so many in the market to choose from and use, we rarely know which of them are the most in use and what are their features and advantages.

So, with the motive to elaborate on the same, we are presenting you with this informative article, which will make you aware of some of those tools that are currently trending.

Nowadays, social media automation tools play a very important role for big businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs for their marketing purposes or to increase their brand value through their social media posts and reposting their posts that are quite more popular than the rest.

Social Media Automation tools help them save precious time and make their marketing effortless.

Not only for businesses or entrepreneurs, but these social media automation tools can also be beneficial for anyone who use social media, regardless of whether they are entrepreneurs or some big business/brand owners, decision-makers, or even common people/public.

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In this article, we are going to discuss 5 such trending social media automation tools that can be incredibly helpful for you.

#1. SocialBee

SocialBee helps in scheduling and planning social media posts or content. Using this tool, it is easy to create social media campaigns and manage them. It also allows users to accordingly assign a category to their posts while scheduling them.

This category assigning feature of this tool let the user stay on their track with their content. Including campaign creation and management, this social media automation tool can also be used for other purposes as well, such as previewing posts before they go live, hashtag creation and planning, re-queuing of the posts, and editing posts in bulk, etc.

#2. Content Studio

This collaborative social media automation tool comes with many features such as social inbox, analytics, content planning, and content scheduling. These features make it a renowned social media automation tool. It enables its users to plan, manage, and brainstorm their content and where they are being shared or published, this feature of the tool appears in a particular section of this tool named Content Planner.

This tool also has a social media content calendar feature that allows users to easily view, edit, accept, and reject posts, so there is very less chance of erroneous content getting sent.

#3. Buffer

This is a handy tool for social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. There are four slots for users, on per day basis, by default, which can be added or deleted by the user as per their campaign posting requirement.

Users with this tool are able to customize each of their posts, this depends on the social media platform where the user will schedule their post. Additionally, for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Buffer has its browser extension as well. Furthermore, Buffer has it mobile application for both Android and iOS.

#4. Agorapulse

This tool fastens the management of social media campaigns efficiently, it comes with some cool features like saved replies and shortcuts for the keyboard.

The social inbox of this tool works as an assistant, automating the moderation and redirecting messages to the right team members, and it is capable to archive spam tweets and messages.

Furthermore, it also works as a social media monitoring tool, which measures the sentiment of the brand and keeps a record of what people are saying about the brand on social media. Also, this tool easily generates in-depth reports, which helps brand owners to analyze their metrics and optimize their campaigns.

For the brands, that are running their social media operations at a large scale, Agorapulse is a great social media automation tool for them.

#5. CoSchedule

Integrated with WordPress, It helps both marketing companies and solopreneurs gain efficiency and push content to their preferred social media every time they click on Publish. It has a unique feature called “Top Content Report,” which provides social engagement insights about the content that users post or send on their social media.

Through the help of this feature, marketers can get insights into their marketing campaigns and do adjustments to them, accordingly. Furthermore, by using this social media automation tool, all of the content can be envisaged in one place by the user.


Above were the names and features of 5 trending social media automation tools, which will certainly help you choose one of them that best suits your requirements and needs, and make the right decision, accordingly.

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