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5 Best Laptop Brands You Should Know

Best Laptop Brands

Laptops are no longer considered a luxury, nowadays. Instead, it now comes under necessities. No matter if you are a working professional or a student, you need or will soon be needing it, anyway. Pandemic has made laptops a must-have gadget, as it forced us all to stay locked in our homes and so all our offices, schools, and colleges were closed.

Students had to attend their classes and even exams online, and the working professionals were given work from home. Though for students, they were able to attend their online classes through their smartphones. But with the help of laptops, it is way more convenient and it also sounds cool and gives us a good feeling.

There are numerous laptop brands available on the market and all of them say that they are the best ones, but how to know which ones of those many are worth buying? How to make the right choice? How to choose the quality of laptop that suits your requirements?

Not to worry, though. We have done a little research and have curated this list of the top 5 laptop brands you should know, which will help you make the right choice while buying a laptop. Continue reading it ahead!

But before we move ahead and start exploring and knowing about those laptop brands, let us know which type of people use laptops and for what purposes.

Professionals (in various fields): Work from home is very common, nowadays. And no doubt why is so. Because of this pandemic (COVID-19). And this work-from-home thing is more common in big companies, and in some way or another, it is beneficial for both companies and their employees. It benefits them in their financial savings and time. Companies save money on electricity bills, monthly office rents, maintenance, etc. while the employees save money on the commute and needless expenses on eating outside (if they work out of the station, being relocated).

Students or Learners: The usage of laptops by students have been increased in the last two years, as all the educational institutions remained closed due to the pandemic. And because it was quite not possible for the students to take online classes on their mobile phones for a longer period, laptops made it possible for them to keep their learning going on. Also, during the lockdown, many private schools made it mandatory for their students to own laptops.

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So, as we know what type of people use laptops and for what, we are surely eager to know the laptops of the top brands. Are we not? What are we waiting for? Below is the list of the top 5 laptop brands that you should know. Explore them, ahead!

#1. Apple

Apple is not only one of the most trusted and reliable but also one of the most loved laptop companies on the planet. Apple MacBooks are preferred by Indian customers because it gets longer macOS software updates of a minimum of up to 6 years. And it also has a comparatively more power-efficient and swifter processor than Windows, Chromebook, or Linux. And this is what makes the Apple MacBook the number one laptop brand in India.

#2. HP

The full form of HP is Hewlett-Packard (well, I did not know it before today!). This company came into the existence in 1939, America. Along with high-budget laptops, it also has mid-range laptops to offer. People get numerous options to choose from in both mid and high-budget laptops. Of all the models of HP, Pavilion and Envy laptops are the most popular and adored by the people or the buyers.

#3. Dell

Dell is an internationally well-reputed laptop and desktop company, this company offers both low and high-end budget laptops. People love its Inspiration series and Vostro series the most.

#4. Acer

Acer Company is based in Taiwan and is well-known for making top-rated laptops but at a low price. This company’s Nitro 5, Aspire 7, and Extensa laptops are the famous ones in the market.

#5. Microsoft

Microsoft has a huge fan base for its laptops, especially for its Surface laptops, which are touchscreen laptops, called Surface laptop Go. Microsoft has also launched a laptop named Surface Laptop SE, which is specially built for students.


Above we have discussed and presented the list of the top 5 laptop brands you should know. We hope that this was an insightful and useful read for you all.

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