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Biography of Shradha Sharma Founder of YourStory

Biography of Shradha Sharma

In this article, we will tell you about the Biography of Shradha Sharma: Every individual we come across has a tale to tell, we get to know a few of them and the best part is all of them are unique in their way like this only a story that started from a small town of Bihar and has become a big name in the media industry, one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs, a journalist and also an author. She has also bagged a lot of accolades from various platforms and is currently known to be one of the most influential persons for the young minds out there.

‘YourStory’ is the product of this praise-worthy mind, yes you have guessed the name right, Shradha Sharma. This quadragenerian is full of life and still looking far to grow herYourStory to new heights. But before she came to the limelight what was she? what else work she did? and other aspects of her life will be highlighted here. So if you are ready to be inspired then stay tuned till the last line.

Early life

Shradha was born in a small town in Bihar on 6th July 1983. She spent her childhood in Patna, later did her graduation and masters both in History from St. Stephen’s college in Delhi. She is also an alumnus of MICA Ahmedabad, where she studied mass media. She was always intrigued by doing something different, she always believed and still believes that everyone is unique and there is a story that needs to be told and listened to.

Work life

Before getting to do what she wanted, she became the Brand Advisor of Times of India in 2007 and served the post for more than one year. Later in 2008, she shifted to CNBC TV18 as an assistant vice president. It was here where her mind clicked and she discovered what she wanted, she felt an urge to let stories come up, great untold stories of entrepreneurs to come live. For that she started blogging, she started writing down about various startup stories which got unnoticed, she was always wanting these stories to reach people so that they can know how we are crowded by such creative minds and they can also get inspired by it.

The birth of YourStory

With sheer passion, she continued her work and soon turned her blog into a website. Soon people started noticing it and she got the crowd she wanted. These were the building blocks of YourStory, which is currently the leading platform for any kind of entrepreneur story. This media platform is not only for business persons but for any commoner who can get inspired. Today her venture is supported by Ratan Tata, Mohandas Pai, VaniKola, and many others as well. It is estimated that her company has a net worth of around $678K according to CheckSitePrice. She is also tagged as the most significant storyteller of India’s digital space. She also got featured by Timesjobs as the “5 women entrepreneurs you should know about”. Her book “Cut the Crap and Jargon: Lessons from the Start-up Trenches”, became an Amazon bestseller. She has influenced a lot of individuals and also encouraged them to share their stories. Even Hindu has also stated her Startup YourStory to be one of the best platforms for stories related to entrepreneurship.


Her shelf is stuffed with awards such as.

  • NASSCOM Ecosystem Evangelist Award for her efforts in building an inclusive startup community
  • Villgro Journalist of the Year Award in 2010 for her coverage of startups
  • 2015 – L’Oreal Paris Femina Award’ for online influence
  • 2015 – Listed amongst 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world
  • 2016 – LinkedIn’s most viewed CEOs under Internet category
  • 2016 – PAT Memorial Outstanding Alumnus Award.

She has successfully entered the international market for her YourStory, which is in Germany. She is also planning to expand it in Israel and other parts of the globe as well. She believes in working with heart and being passionate, she also says not to pay attention to criticisms and just to be steady and heated to work in the present for a successful future. This 2008 startup has nearly 72000 articles and more than 10 million visitors and 100 plus employees, and it is still growing and Shradha Sharma is always ready to inspire the young minds out there with stories. 

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