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About Us

About Us – Best Online Business Magazine in India

We practise finesse and expertise in putting together the endless stories and entrepreneurship journey of the famous business owners, venture capitalists, officers and leading investors from different sectors and industries. Our motto is to churn up tales of success, hardships and achievement of great personnel who strived hard to achieve huge milestones on their business front.

Decision maker magazine welcomes its readers with a wide range of thought-provoking and inspiring stories that are carved out mindfully to depict the information of business tycoons and top-grade investors of India.

We believe in curating business-centric stories and publishing the unexplored sides of the famous business houses in our edition. Our squad of expert journalists strive hard day and night to unleash the trending happenings in the business world globally.

What’s our Vision?

Decision Maker Magazine is a stepping stone for business enthusiasts who are willing to seek insights on what’s going around in the world and how they can achieve massive success in life. Whether it’s a newly budding business or the established ones, our monthly edition mirrors the minds of the aspiring business owners and the successful ones.

Our vision is to develop articles and information that highlight the vital market issues and unveil the business world’s inside stories. We peel off the cream layers existing in the entrepreneur’s life and highlight the aspects that could put up the truth and hardships behind an entrepreneur’s successful life journey.

Our Founding Mission

Business is a vast genre, and getting a broader spectrum of this sector is possible only when you witness it through the eyes of a thorough professional. Our journalists, editors and the team of storytellers deeply identify the business strategies and leading trends on achieving success in business life. They ponder over the industrialists, influencers, business owners and executives at the top positions from different genres and cover their life stories and contribution to the business industry.

We strive hard to envelop the mind-boggling tales and inspiring journeys of individuals from different sections such as entertainment, health, sports, travel, IT and other industries. Anyone willing to gear up their journey as a start-up or make a remarkable difference in the business sector can find great value through this one-stop destination!

About Us Decision Maker Magazine – Torchbearers of Stories on Business Leadership!

We have designed our magazine by combining intricate elements such as selecting the top intellectuals and investors from different sectors to give a complete package for our leaders. Our motive is not just to highlight the successful business sharks, but we aim at motivating people through the stories of individuals who made it big from scratch. The stories of ‘rags to riches’ are the most inspiring ones as they hit the readers’ hearts and develop a better connection.

Our Manifesto

Decision Maker Magazine also promotes the emerging influencers, start-ups and young entrepreneurs who strike an unexplored idea that hits the minds of viewers and readers with a deep dig. Best-in-class communication and details from the business front make us promote thoughts of wisdom and intelligence on various fronts.

Our magazine drives the attention of many aspiring business enthusiasts who promise themselves to make a difference to the world with their existence, work and zealous attitude.

We believe in the power of positive and motivational words that could inspire people for a better tomorrow and thereby showcase the conviction and perseverance of polished business industrialists who are right there to spread positivity in the world.

We Embark the Best Editorial Standards

Decision Maker Magazine is a leading brand that comprises several monthly edition website updates, and you could plunge over a lot with our subscription. We acquire the unbridled horizons of business and entrepreneurship by canning them into the right funnel that strikes the readers’ minds. We aim at hitting the pinnacles of corporate knowledge information and are passionate about unleashing the brink of polished bankers, entrepreneurs, business owners and industrialists.

‘We Imbibe the Power of Knowledge and Wisdom Quoted in Expertise!’

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