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Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence?

What is difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence?

In this article, we talk about the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Human Intelligence (HI) is a trending topic in the mainstream media. Social media users are already arguing on the subject widely and sharing their opinions on open forums. As AI evolves, the new generation of AI technology […]

Free SEO Plugins

5 Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress

Do you have your website on WordPress? If yes, you must keep some important things in your mind. And one of the most important things is SEO because it has a big role in the success of your website. Without SEO, your effort on your website will go in vain – you will not get […]


Chaitaly Mehta

Exclusive Interview: Meet Inspiring Passionate Business Women Chaitaly Mehta

Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company. EKF Global Logistics Pvt Ltd is a 46 yr old young company. Started in 1977 in Mumbai with offices spanning across India. We are IATA accredited, licensed Customs broker, MTO and Break-Bulk agents. We handle both imports and exports by air and sea from […]

Shallu Arora

Shallu Arora – Inspiring tale of creativity, resilience, and incredible entrepreneur journey

Shallu Arora is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Sirca Paints India Limited. The Sirca Paints is the company based in Delhi, India. She joined the organization in the year 2019. Shallu  Shallu Arora loves traveling and prefers offbeat locations that help her connect with her soul. Give us a bit of background about yourself. […]


Mental Health

How Beneficial is Exercise for Our Mental Health?

Everyone is much aware of the physical benefits of a healthy exercising regime. What about mental health? Very few people are aware of mental wellness, which often leads to conditions like anxiety or depression. Relieving yourself from the symptoms of mental ailments is possible even through physical exercises. Want to know how? Here’s a detailed […]


What is the Importance of Meditation?

As we all know, life is full of stress, mainly when there is a lot of mess when you are pulled in diverse directions, as it may be at your job or in your private life. It is a robust tool to deal with anxiety and stress so that you can take your total control […]


Maximising the potential of human capital

Maximising the potential of human capital

The 3rd Edition of Most Preferred Workplace 2023-24 celebrates brands that have turned crisis into opportunities, and leveraged critical cultural factors to enjoy sustained success Among the changes witnessed across the globe in the last few years, the rapid evolution of the nature of work and the workplace has been a major shift. Be it […]

The brand playbook

The brand playbook, reframed

The 2nd Edition of Brand of the Year 2023 celebrates the crème de la crème that set the gold standard of branding Over the last few years, brand mavens have had to revisit the brand-building playbook, rethinking and seeking fresh answers to questions critical to marketing success. This has borne out of the shifts we […]



10 Influential Women Leaders in Business

50 Self-Made Female Entrepreneurs in India

Influential Women Leaders in Business

Exclusive Interview

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