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Guest Writers Column

Are you a passionate logophile with a knack for creativity and enthusiasm? Do you love expressing and writing? Decision Maker Magazine will be happy to hear you out and read your unique and fresh writings. Welcoming all the word-lovers who want to write guest posts on our website.


Why Guest Post for Decision Maker Magazine?

Guest posting for us comes with a good few perks, which are:

  1. If your content gets accepted post-review, it will be published on our website, along with your image and a short bio.
  2. Getting your written content published on one of the fastest-growing online business magazine websites will boost your credibility.
  3. If your creativity impresses us, we may also publish your content in our upcoming magazine.

But before you proceed to submit your written article to us, make sure you are following the guidelines below.

  • Your written piece should be unique, exclusive, accurate, and fresh. Copy-pasted content is strictly not allowed.
  • Your content must not be already published or given to publish anywhere else which includes your website (if any).
  • Cite the source of information with proper links to the source, if and when required, so that they can be fact-checked by our editorial team.
  • Your content should be relevant to the topics that we cover, you can check the homepage of our website for your reference.
  • Your content should at least be 600 words and it should not exceed 1200 words.
  • Your content should be self-branding free, so do not mention your company, services, and/or products anywhere in your content. Doing it will lead to the rejection of your content. However, you are always free to talk about your company, profession, and experience or expertise in your Author’s/Writer’s bio.

So, ready to write and express? Send your content to

Waiting to read your awesome content! 😊

Note: We hold the right to remove or unpublish the content at any time without informing you about the same.