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Decision Maker Magazine started as an Online Business Magazine for startups, Entrepreneurs to share their experiences, visions, achieved milestones, future goals, products, and services, and learn from one another. That is still the core of our work today, as a media company on a mission to be the prominent resource of inspiration and learning for pioneering early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our audience of over 10K+ monthly unique visitors are inbound clients such as start-ups, managing directors, CIOs, VCs, CEOs, business owners, and business enthusiasts who are always seeking to learn and grow.

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We feature advertisements, interviews, profiles of business owners, and entrepreneurs in our monthly magazine. For more details or any related query, do let us know by dropping an email at

Advertising Options on Decision Maker Magazine

Decision Maker Magazine has a variety of advertising opportunities available. If you’d like to partner with us, please get in touch with us at and we’ll come up with a campaign package that suits your requirements.

Here are some of the popular advertising options in Decision Maker Magazine.

#1 Product Reviews

We have reviewed a variety of marketing products in Decision Maker Magazine.

Excited to get your product reviewed in Decision Maker Magazine? Drop us an email at with details and specs of the product you’d like to get reviewed. If it’s the right fit, we’ll reach out to you at the soonest.

#2 Sponsored Posts

Some of the brands that have leveraged sponsored posts in Decision Maker Magazine.

#3 Banner Ads

Banner ad options on Decision Maker Magazine include the following:

  • Sidebar 300×250 banner
  • Leaderboard 728×90 banner
  • Mobile Leaderboard 320×50 banner (top centre)

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PLEASE NOTE: We do charge a nominal cost for the services.