Corporate Video Production Companies

10 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in India 2024

Promoting enterprises is not a cakewalk, especially when many companies are competing. In today’s era of digitization, entrepreneurs do not want to settle with brochures or other simple advertising mediums; instead, they want to opt for the best marketing techniques for promoting and advertising their companies.   Especially with the arrival of social media, every […]

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7 Most Popular Magazines, Especially for Women Entrepreneurs

The rising contribution of women entrepreneurship in the business world is a good sign for society. In recent years, women entrepreneurs have dominated large industries with their passion, dedication and ability to take significant risks. A global community of female entrepreneurs has been rising significantly around the world. The power of the men’s dominating the […]

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List of Content Writing Techniques

A Comprehensive List of Content Writing Techniques to Boost Engagement

Every kind of write-up on the internet, whether it is a blog, journal, etc., usually has one common goal – to get maximum engagement. This goal can only be achieved when the writing pieces rank higher in the SERP. And we all know search engines like Google only reward content with higher rankings that is […]

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Become A Leader That Others Follow | Decision Maker Magazine

How To Become A Leader That Others Follow In 2024?

5 Methods to Become a Leader that Others Follow You. Leaders are known as passionate professionals who make vital decisions for the company and keep the ship floating. They possess dynamic personalities and clarity in their vision. Nurture prosperity and direct the organization towards success. Leaders are highly admired in the society for their charismatic […]

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Naina – The AI Superstar Launches India’s First AI Podcast

Naina – The AI superstar launches India’s first AI podcast titled

‘The nAIna Show’ The first episode with Sobhita Dhulipala to be aired on February 8th, 2024 India is set to witness a revolutionary moment in the digital entertainment space with the launch of ‘The nAIna Show’, a unique and groundbreaking series hosted by Naina, India’s first AI superstar. This podcast marks a significant milestone as […]

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Vadilal Bhai Shah

Success Behind the Brand of Everest Masala: Vadilal Bhai Shah

Shri Vadilal Bhai Shah founded the Everest Masala in 1967, one of the largest spice-selling brands in the world. Vadilal Shah was inspired by his father, who ran a small spice store. Slowly, he began to get involved in the business, and during this time, he observed the needs of the regular customers. He noticed […]

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