Best Pharmaceutical Companies in India in 2023

10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies in India in 2023


Best Pharmaceutical Companies in India

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the booming industries in India, we will find many pharmaceutical companies manufacturing and producing relevant products. According to Wikipedia, India’s pharmaceutical industry was valued at 42 US billion dollars, in 2021. Being the largest supplier of COVID-19 Vaccines in the world, it accounts for over 50% of all Corona vaccines manufactured in the biosphere.

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Though of those many pharmaceutical companies, not all are that well-known. And so, to know about the best pharmaceutical companies, we have curated this list consisting of the 10 best pharmaceutical companies in India in 2023. Continue reading ahead and explore them all!

#1. Cipla

For curing medical conditions like diabetes, weight control, etc., Cipla, which is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical firm, is delivering generic medicines. This is a Mumbai-based firm started in the year 1935. An enormous range of remedies are provided by this firm, and Cipla is also the globally leading manufacturer of antiretroviral drugs. Including India, Cipla has a total number of 34 manufacturing units in 80 other countries.

The utmost standard quality of the company has made it gain a tremendous reputation at both national and international levels. Over 2000 formulations are supplied by Cipla and its expanding market regions cover all the international markets.

#2. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Established in the year 1983, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries is a multinational pharmaceutical company that is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Chronic and acute therapies are produced and sold by this firm, these include Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Antiretroviral (ARVs), generic drugs, etc. in the US and India. Every year around 30 billion doses ranging from neurology, anti-infective, cardiology, gastroenterology, respiratory, etc. are being sold by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.

Globally, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries is the 4th generic pharmaceutical company. And in India, it is also the first biggest pharmaceutical company.

It has 40 manufacturing APIs and formulation plants spreading over hundreds of countries.

#3. Aurobindo Pharma

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Aurobindo Pharma delivers APIs and generic pharmaceuticals. This firm is in the existence since 1986 and it, in Pondicherry, started with a unit of semi-synthetic penicillin. This company’s products are supplied in 14 countries. And because their products are of topmost quality, they have substantial demand in the market.

#4. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Reddy’s Laboratories’ headquarter is also situated in Hyderabad, Telangana. Across India, it has over 10 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) API manufacture plants. Associating with the Russian direct investment fund, during COVID-19, they executed final-stage clinical trials, then delivered 100 million doses of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine to India.

#5. Divi’s Laboratories Limited

It is one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India, manufacturing APIs, intermediates, etc. In year 1990, Divi’s Laboratories came into the existence, and presently, is India’s 2nd valuable pharmaceutical company, in market capitalization. Products of this company are exported to the USA, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines.

#6. Abbot India

Being associated with Abbot Laboratories, US, it is the largest and oldest multinational pharmaceutical company in India. Mumbai, Maharashtra is its headquarters and was established in 1944. It provides a variety of medical drugs and offers therapeutics, which combine women’s health, anti-infective, urology, neurology, vitamin, thyroid, etc. Their products are of high quality and trustworthy, and 400 branded generic pharmaceuticals are been manufactured by them, worldwide.

#7. Alkem Laboratories

Established in 1793, this Indian multinational pharma firm presently has 21 manufacturing units in different nations and manufactures quality-oriented generic pharmaceuticals, APIs, etc., and sells them in over 50 countries. It is also the first anti-infective drugs supplier pharmaceutical company in India that has hit 1000 million sales.

#8. Torrent Pharmaceuticals

This pharmaceutical company is owned by the Torrent group. Being a multinational pharma firm, it is registered in more than 40 countries. Torrent Pharmaceuticals’ headquarter is located in Ahmedabad. They keep minimum prices for their products without compromising with products’ quality. Its research centers and manufacturing plants are spreading wide all over India. Seven more similar companies are owned by Torrent Pharmaceuticals. The year of establishment of this company is 1959.

#9. Lupin Limited

Lupin Limited delivers numerous products such as biotechnology products, generic drugs, etc., and cardiovascular, diabetes, asthma, and pediatrics, are the focus areas. Earlier, when this company was established in 1968, it used to manufacture folic acid and iron tablets, and afterward, it began to produce TB drugs, which made it generate a huge amount of revenue. Today, Lupin Limited pharmaceutical company has a global presence with a great reputation in the industry.

#10. Zydus Biologics

This pharmaceutical company came into the existence in the year 1952 and is based in Hyderabad. It is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, which manufactures herbal products, OTC products, skincare products, and diagnostics.

So, here we got to know and learn about the 10 best pharmaceutical companies in India in 2023. And in the starting, we discussed some facts about the Indian pharmaceutical industry. We hope that you had a good experience reading it.

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