5 Benefits of Laughing : Laughter is the Best Medicine for Health


5 Benefits of Laughing

In this article, we talk about 5 Benefits of Laughing. Are you someone who laughs frequently? You must have heard in school that laughter is the best medicine! And the saying stands true! Laughing helps in healing the bones.

There is laughter yoga, where you are doing a laughing exercise. When you are laughing, there is no boredom, and you stay happy. It even helps in improving wellbeing. Further, you can’t just imagine your life without laughing.

It will be just like living a meaningless life! There are so many benefits of laughter. When you are the decision-maker for some kind of hard decision in life, always keep a smiling face!

Benefits of Laughinglaughter-is-for-good-health

#1. It helps in relieving pain

When you are truly laughing, the body releases endorphins. It is a hormone that helps in managing the pain in the body. Further, it increases the pain tolerance to about 10% from laughter. For instance, when you are watching a comedy show with other people, it makes you instantly happy. 

#2. Laughter is important for the longevity of life.

With laughter, you can live greater years of your lives! Individuals who laugh a lot of care to have a more positive outlook on life. Further, they can fight off diseases quite easily. Numerous types of research have confirmed that people who laugh live longer years. 

Laughter is so vital to your health when you grow up. It helps in strengthening the immune system. Also, it helps in enlightening the mood and reducing any pain in the body. Active play also does the same, combining both laughter and physical activity. Laughter helps in reducing the blood pressure level and gives the right motivation in life. 

#3. Laughter works to the core of the body.

Laughter is great medicine for improving lung capacity. It ensures that even your respiratory system is working accurately. Laughing works on the muscles and all around the body. If you are laughing hard for a long time, you will even feel an ache in your stomach. 

This is due to the movement of the diaphragm just below the lungs and stomach. This becomes an excellent aerobic exercise. When you are laughing, you can burn around 40 calories in about 10 to 15 minutes. It also increases the heart rate by about 10 to 20%. 

#4. It helps in reducing stress levels.

Nowadays, people are always stressed out since they have a lot of tension and worries. Cortisol is the stress hormone that leads to anxiety and depression. You should be able to control the cortisol hormone in your body. Spontaneous laughter helps in reducing cortisol levels in the body. 

Even if you are feeling kind of depressed, just laugh for some time, and you will start feeling good again. When the decision maker can’t make the right decision, then laughing turns out to be the best kind of medicine for them. 

#5. It supports enhancing the immune system.

The immune system gets better after laughing. There are more T cells in the body for fighting off the diseases. When there is an increase in the NK cells in the body, your body becomes disease resistant. Also, there is a decrease in the chances of cancer in the body. 

Benefits of laughing at work

Laughing is also such an excellent remedy for employee welfare in offices. Additionally, laughter is a feeling providing you with strength and positivity. Companies should work towards making their employees feel energized and happy. 

  • Providing higher job satisfaction

A work culture providing happiness is always welcomed by the employees. There is a sense of satisfaction at work too. Humor is such an excellent way of increasing the job level satisfaction of the workers. 

Also, it has a positive impact on the engagement of the people at work. The productive levels are also increased. 

  • There is a positive work environment.

Having a positive work environment is so crucial for the success of the business. It increases the diminishing morale of the employees. Laughing is quite good for the work culture too. Also, some workplace energy levels are quite high. This is the kind of work environment everyone looks for. 

  • It helps in promoting peer bonding.

When you laugh with your team members, it makes you feel good. It leads to less tension and reduces stress. When someone cracks a funny joke, the entire office laughs with them. This impacts the quality of work at the place. 

How can you create a happier workforce?

  • You can organize comedy shows at your office and include each one of the employees. You can even participate in the shows and create a healthy environment. 
  • Introduce some fun ways to encourage humor at the place. 
  • Use some punch lines now and then at your workplace. This will make the employees are always interested in working more. 


If you can laugh, it can help you in more ways than you can imagine. It helps in increasing creativity and easy connection with others. When depression tries to weigh you down, don’t forget to smile! You can consider the globe from a different perspective! 

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