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Top 10 Yoga Poses for a Good Health- a Beginner’s Guide in 2024!

Top 10 Yoga Poses for a Good Health

Yoga is very important for our Health. In this article, we will talk about top 10 Yoga Poses for a Good Health. Willing to restore good health and overall fitness? What’s the best and most organic source of fitness that can make you feel good about yourself? Yoga! Yes, since ancient times, the emphasis on practising Yoga as a part of your daily regime has been commendable. People ought to recognize the importance and physical benefits that Yoga renders to keep you going with a better version of yourself.

Regardless, Yoga is surely an integral part of increasing body synthesis and burning calories faster. Whether it’s heart problems, weight loss, mental stress or depression; Yoga is a one-stop solution to handle all trivial issues under a single cover.

Not just Yoga ensures physical fitness, but it also helps eliminate harmful toxins out of your body. That’s probably why different yoga poses are elaborated with an in-depth relation to their effects on the human body.

Top 10 Yoga Poses for Beginners!

Pump up some energy and excitement, to begin with, the master of all physical exercises, Yoga! Let’s delve over the common yoga poses that can enhance your physical agility and surge up your fitness levels to another level.

#1. Paschimottanasana- ( Forward Bending Pose)


Starting with this asana can enhance the flexibility level in your body and work as a perfect option, to begin with, yogic exercise. Enhance your flexibility with Paschimottanasana by practising it for 5 minutes daily. As you have to sit and bend forward, this yoga pose must be done with an empty stomach. Adding it to your regular yoga routine and other stretching exercises is a good idea. Benefits of Paschimottanasana are:

  • Works as a great stress reliever.
  • Helps in the reduction of fat deposition in the body.
  • It lowers the level of anger, irritability and anxiety in people.
  • Enhances body flexibility and helps in stretching the spine.
  • Helps in curing digestive disorders and solves constipation issues.
  • It can also help in solving impotence issues.
  • Firms up the abdominal-pelvic organs.
  • Works amazing for women post-delivery for losing lower belly weight.

#2. Vajrasana- The Diamond Pose


If you have zero experience with Yoga and are exploring it for the first time, Vajrasana is also a good option to try. You need to create the right body posture and sit with legs folded. Apart from the morning routine, you can also perform vajrasana after meals as it helps in easy and better Digestion of food. Sitting in the right posture also strengthens the leg and back muscles and improves the overall body posture. Most pro yoga trainers suggest this pose as a warm-up before heading for difficult asanas. Benefits of Vajrasana are:

  • Enhances Digestion and reduces constipation.
  • Relieves acidity levels.
  • Renders strength to lower back muscles, calf, hips and thighs muscles.
  • Works as a supportive treatment to deal with arthritis.

#3. Bhujangasana- The Cobra Pose


The word Bhujangasana comes from an amalgamation of two Sanskrit terms named ‘Bhujanga’, which means snake and asana, which means pose. It emphasizes stretching shoulder muscles along with those of the abdomen and chest. It gives agility to the lower back and enhances your upper back’s flexibility. Benefits of performing Bhujangasana are:

  • Enhances digestive system and helps in getting relief from constipation
  • Gives added strength and agility to your spine.
  • Uplifts the mood and enhances blood circulation.
  • Helps in solving issues related to the irregular menstrual cycle
  • Provides relief in asthma.

#4. Padmasana- The Lotus Pose


Another yoga pose that is also a good idea for morning meditation is Padmasana. If you have a hectic schedule in the morning, you can also try out this asana during the evening time. Just ensure that you have an empty stomach before performing most yoga poses and or at least a minimum gap of 5-6 hours after the meals. Check out online video tutorials to know more about it. Benefits of doing Padmasana are:

  • It aids in strengthening your ankles, knees, hips, ligaments and other important joints.
  • This yoga pose also calms down your brain by releasing such hormones.
  • You feel high on energy, and there’s a stimulating effect on your abdomen, spine, bladder and pelvis.
  • It burns off the excess fat from the thigh and hips area effectively.

#5. Marjaryasana- The Cat-Cow Stretch Pose


Do you often deal with back pain issues? Are you looking for ways to enhance your body flexibility? Then try Marjaryasana, the gentle and sturdy yoga pose that is dynamic and helps loosen the back muscles. This form of Yoga mobilizes all the joints of your spine effectively. It’s easy to perform. Keep your neck at a neutral pose while getting on your hands and legs. Lift the chest, arch your back, and try to stay in the same posture for a couple of minutes. Benefits of Marjaryasana are:

  • It gives better strength to your back and hips muscles.
  • Enhances spine agility to a great extent.
  • Eases down the tension persistent in your neck, lower back, shoulders and middle back.
  • Works on your core muscles to increase their strength.
  • Fortifies the wrist, shoulder and arm areas.

#6, Utkatasana- Chair Pose


The Utkatasana yoga pose has numerous health benefits that can impart better overall well-being to you. In this posture, the person has to mimic the pose of sitting on a chair. They need to perform a static squat without opening up the knees wide. It is surely a good yoga pose to develop body balancing. Other benefits of Ukatasana are:

  • Enhanced body stamina and lower body strength.
  • Working on core muscles of calf, thighs and hips.
  • Keeps you healthier and amps up your fitness levels.
  • Good full-body workout in a single go.

#7, Tadasana- The Mountain Pose


It is the fundamental yoga pose practised by most beginners. With this posture, you understand the core technique of performing yogic asanas. It works as a firm groundwork to master the postures, and you can get many other valuable benefits with this pose. Practising Tadasana daily can procure better body and mental health and works as a spectacular stretching exercise for beginners. Benefits of Tadasana are:

  • Allows your body to stretch and release the muscle joints.
  • Elevates mood and rejuvenates your mind and soul.
  • Regular performing this pose can relieve your body before you begin with actual yoga exercises.

#8.Vrksasana- The Tree Pose


Yoga is rich with magical postures and exercises that can work best for beginners focusing on good health and fitness. Practising Vrksasana helps get the desired muscle strength as it’s a focus-driven yoga pose. Learners need to balance their bodies on single feet and manage to stand still for a few minutes. This yoga asana replicates the tree’s stance as the name shows up. Benefits of Vrkasasana are:

  • Better body balancing as you get to know more about managing body weight.
  • Beginners can also rest their back against the wall to practise until they achieve perfection in it.
  • It also accelerates the breathing levels and helps in enhancing your stamina to hold breathe for a longer period.

#9. Virabhadrasana- Warrior I


Also known as the warrior pose, this yoga asana is popular due to its numerous pros in enhancing your body stamina. This yoga pose is very helpful in building up strength and confidence for your lower body and core area. You need to stand in the Tadasana pose and raise the arms parallel towards the floor at 45 to 60 degrees. The crux of this Yoga is to keep your pelvis inside and lengthen the tail to stretch the upper body in a straight direction. Benefits of Virabhadrasana are:

  • It helps in reducing arms and belly fat.
  • Helps in strengthening core muscles.
  • Works as a good breathing exercise.

#10. Paschimottanasana- Forward Fold Seated


While incorporating this yoga pose, you need to stretch the hamstrings towards the upper back and lower side. Sitting in a forward bending position is a good start for beginners who have just started learning to open their bodies and breathe out with the relaxation.

You might feel mild stress and pain initially, but as the body starts to loosen up, you realize that it’s much more fun to engross such physical yoga forms. Benefits of Paschimottanasana are:

  • Proves effective in curing sciatica and surges the blood flow.
  • Helps in dealing with different reproductive disorders and other abdomen related diseases.
  • Imparts overall mind and body relaxation

Final Words

Basic advantages of yoga exercises include strengthening of body muscles, toned body, enhanced oxygen flow and a better immunity system. Are you already feeling charged up, to begin with, beginners yoga poses? Yoga works as a natural tonic that enhances your mental well-being and appeases the soul from the inside.

However, it is not necessary to straight away hop on to power yoga or complex yogic poses as they require much more strength, tact, flexibility and right guidance. Start experimenting with the basic Yoga poses into your daily routine, and then make a transition to the advanced ones later on!

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