Women Entrepreneur

Success Journey Simmi Bhasin Who Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

How did you come to be an women entrepreneur? I worked in the corporate sector for almost 23 years before I decided to be an entrepreneur. There was a point when I had to change cities and start afresh professionally. I have always believed in upskilling and learning new things which led me to Goldman […]

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Contractual Staffing

Contractual Staffing By Shalu Bansal, Director, ABS Services

Many organizations on the look-out for contemporary and ingenious ways to manage costs in their business are turning toward contractual staffing. Contractual staffing refers to the recruitment of employees for a limited period as opposed to other forms of full-time employees who are employed on a permanent basis. Part-time work, seasonal work, and independent contracts […]

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women entrepreneur

Meera Chature Sankhari Entrepreneurial Journey, Achievements, Challenges and Tips for Aspiring women

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? It was not a conscious decision at the time I started. How is it different from other companies? The firm offers all the legal solutions that are generally required by other businesses and companies. It consists of the highly qualified lawyers, most of who were Partners at […]

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Author, Entrepreneur

Megha Bajaj, Best Selling Author, Mentor & Educator Transforming Lives Through WoW Workshops/Programs!

How did you come to be an author, entrepreneur?  Right from childhood I was sure I would be an entrepreneur because I always seemed to love freedom. As an entrepreneur you get the chance of living your idea, your dream and sharing it with the world. It is not borrowed. It is not enforced. It […]

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Parimala Jaggesh

Parimala Jaggesh Inspiring Success Story of ‘Transforming Dreams into Reality!’

Parimala Jaggesh believes in one statement “Never say “Why me?” Always say “Try me!” When most of us are used to making mountains out of molehills, today, let us meet Parimala Jaggesh, a true fighter who always believed in recreating destiny from her early years in life. In 1984, at the age of 15 years, […]

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Shanu Malkani Decisive Leader, Entrepreneur and Woman of Substance

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? – by Chance and some inspiration??. A few years ago, I saw that accomplished professionals were choosing to move out of the corporate rat race, earlier in their career – and were embarking on an independent path – to follow their passion and also offer their expertise […]

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Innovative Business Leader

Nidhi Malhotra Success Saga of an Innovative Business Leader, Her Roadblocks and Path to Achievements!

How did you come to be an entrepreneur?  Entrepreneurship is something I have inherited from my father. Right from my childhood, I have closely observed my father executing ideas that converted into fruitful businesses, and it was the biggest inspiration for me. During my working period at Accenture, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur began […]

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business success

Shipra Bhutada Driving Business Success through User Insights: In Conversation with a Leading User Research Strategist

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? I have been in the user-research field for over 18 years. My journey started at the National Institute of Design followed by being a part of established systems such as Microsoft, Honeywell and D-Labs at ISB, among others.  During a period when the industry anticipated user researchers […]

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Successful Entrepreneur

Manju Mastakar Inspiring Story of a Successful Entrepreneur from Rags to Riches!

How did you come to be an successful entrepreneur?  My journey began back in 2007. I was at designation of Investment Advisor in a Wealth Management firm, and the US Subprime crisis resulted in the slashed indexes globally. It was a tough phase. My company started with retrenchment, and I ended up losing my job. […]

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