Contractual Staffing By Shalu Bansal, Director, ABS Services

Many organizations on the look-out for contemporary and ingenious ways to manage costs in their business are turning toward contractual staffing. Contractual staffing refers to the recruitment of employees for a limited period as opposed to other forms of full-time employees who are employed on a permanent basis. Part-time work, seasonal work, and independent contracts […]

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Dr Nandita Shah

Dr. Nandita Shah A Visionary Who Revolutionzed ‘Sustainable Health’ with Sharan

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? I am a doctor, so I never wanted to become an entrepreneur, but the universe designed something different for me. Being a doctor, I realised that most people suffer from lifestyle, diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancers, hormonal issues, acidity, body aches and pains etc etc. […]

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Heart of India

From the heart of India, with a heart for India

Ritu, a young entrepreneur hailing from Bihar, India, has become a beacon of hope in the AgriTech sector with her startup, UPJAO. Her journey is a remarkable tale of passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to uplifting farmers and society at large. Growing up in a bureaucrat family in Bihar, Ritu imbibed the values of humility, […]

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Shipra Bhutada

Shipra Bhutada Driving Business Success through User Insights: In Conversation with a Leading User Research Strategist

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? I have been in the user-research field for over 18 years. My journey started at the National Institute of Design followed by being a part of established systems such as Microsoft, Honeywell and D-Labs at ISB, among others.  During a period when the industry anticipated user researchers […]

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Inspiring Journey of Reema Nakra

Inspiring Journey of Reema Nakra- Author, Entrepreneur, Founder- Talent Search Management Consulting

Reema Nakra, is industry veteran and founder of Talent Search Management Consulting-Delhi, with over 15+ years of experience as TA Specialist & Trainer. She has done her post-graduation in human resources from the Institute of Management Technology, and she is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Delhi University. Reema writes books that explore the future of […]

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Inspiring Success Journey

Inspiring Success Journey of Shubhra Srivastava

Bringing strong leadership experience at DIGIPRIMA Technologies, with a belief that leadership begins with collaboration. Leadership is about making decisions and taking the responsibility for those decisions. Shubhra Srivastava Early Life Shubhra Srivastava became an electrical engineer at a time when women in tech were not what they are today. After graduating from Maulana Azad […]

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Interview with Darshana Thakkar

Exclusive Interview with Dharshana Thakkar helping to grow business

Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company. The Transformation started with a mission of assisting Entrepreneurs in growing beyond their current stage and sustaining the same in the long run. Each business has the potential to multiply with the help of the right strategy, focused business plans, Optimal input cost, Competitive […]

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Roshni Agarwal Bawari

“The most rewarding time for women entrepreneurs has begun!” Roshni Agarwal Bawari

An exclusive interaction on entrepreneurial journey, challenges and tips for young aspiring women professionals with Roshni Agarwal Bawari, Creative Director and Founder of Jump Up High Digital Marketing & Communications, Guwahati. Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company. Born and brought up in the humble town of Assam called Tinsukia, I passed […]

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Interview With Shiivani Aggarwal

Interview with Shiivani Aggarwal- Challenges, Milestones, and Roadmap to Success

Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company? I joined Formula Group 20 years ago when the organization was just a travel company. At the time, the travel sector was faced with survival threats with the onslaught of online travel companies and diminishing margins.  Therefore, in 2004, we realized we needed to […]

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