Woman with Wings: A Community of Powerful and Motivated Women

‘Woman with Wings’ is coming together of like-minded, powerful, and motivated women who collaborate, empower and back other women who have a dream but not the means. Mistaken be not by the name, it’s not a ‘Nari Shakti’ movement with feminists up in arms, out to prove a point in the Man’s World. Shaifaly’s vision […]

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Women Entrepreneurship

Story of Sucharita: The Founder and CEO of Catalyst For Women Entrepreneurship

I had a vision to make women successful entrepreneurs and financially independent, but no funding was in place. What I had was a strong vision, mission and a plan. 4 eminent  industry leaders came forward as Ambassadors and backed me with Rs 5 Lakh contribution each in 2016/2017 and we registered Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship. […]

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