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Google Announces New Features for Android Auto including Split-Screen Mode

Google Announces New Features: In the recent event at Google I/O 2022, Google has revealed many new software and hardware upgrades in various android devices. Android Auto Split-screen mode was part of the software update.

The Android Auto users can download the features and integrate them into the current screen with a new refresh UI update. Earlier software was not compatible with the car display; hence you will not be able to turn the screen into two screens simultaneously.

In the new software update, Google has introduced the facility to convert the screen into multiple screens, so you do not have to go back and forth to access different features. The screen automatically adjusts to the screen size making the operation seamless. You will be able to operate two components at the same time.

Google is working on producing productivity improvement facilities. Split-screen will allow the users to navigate to two different functions of the software and watch the current screen, for example, the navigation map.

Users will be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without needing to access various screens.

You can simultaneously access your media files, GPS map, messages, and other features. It is more convenient to look at the split-screen rather than turn on the home screen and access the needed features.

Google also states that the split-screen display mode is limited to some users only. After the initial test run, the software upgrade will be offered to all the users.

The latest split-screen mode is designed to adapt the touchscreen size and shapes without needing to compromise on the quality. Your car has a portrait or widescreen display; the new split-screen software senses the screen size and adapts the size accordingly.

So the users do not have to do anything to make the screen look better and perform smoothly. It auto adjust according to the condition and serve its purpose. Users will be able to access Google Assistant, Apps library, and notifications instantly.

In a further development, Google has revealed that the voice assistant function can perform quick replies for seamless conversations, such as sharing the estimated arrival time with the person overcall.

Google is making the android device work with all auto companies. Software upgrades will not affect the existing features. You will still have these primary features with better UI and accessibility.

Moreover, the Volvo, GMC, and Ford car owners who have the latest models will receive the new parking features. You will be able to make your free time more entertaining by watching your favorite YouTube Channel, Tubi, and Epix on the car display.

Google developer team is working on optimizing the existing Google auto software to improve its usability. Tweaking the UI update will give more power to the users while using the features. People who prefer multi-tasking would love the new split-screen feature because it saves lots of your time driving.

Another reason why the Auto split screen is a big deal for the car user is that it adapts to any screen you access. Modern car models are designed with a central display screen. People want their entertainment kit in the car.

A large display at the center makes the users more comfortable while driving. Users can listen to music, watch movies, message their contacts and access the navigation map. Split-screen adjusts auto when you turn it on and give you access to the Menu to load new features in half screen.

Google has also put the light on future development in the pipeline. The team has informed the car users that they are working on the Google built-in features that enable the users to browse the web directly from the car. Also, you can cast the screen on display with the click of a button.

Casting your phone content on the big screen will give a better viewing experience. It will be a valuable feature for car owners because there are many occasions when you find it difficult to operate your phone while driving.

It is expected that Google will reveal many new extraordinary features in the coming years. The car entertainment industry is progressing rapidly. Future Google software releases will make car users enjoy their driving time and get more work done during their travel.

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