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5 Best Emailing Methods to Boost Organic Traffic on Website

Best Emailing Methods to Boost Organic Traffic

We all use emails, right? Usually when we sign-up on different websites, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., and sometimes for sending emails to our office boss or collogues. But there is more to it than signing up and emailing. Emails can be used to boost organic traffic to the website also. Did you know it? Or, are you new to hearing it? Well, if you are new to hearing it then do not worry, because here we will be discussing it and will also be exploring the 5 Best Emailing Methods to Boost Organic Traffic on Websites.

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#1. Targeting Accurately

Well, in email marketing, there is a thing called bounce rate. Yes, it does not only happen with websites but also with emails. Bounce rate in emails means the returned mail from the receiver’s server. But for digital marketers, it does not matter much. Bounce rate on websites matters to them, and it is the percentage of the visitors who do not take any action and leave the website.

This is where the role of email marketing comes into play, it makes you capable to run campaigns that are highly targeted, but to get benefitted from it, you must have basic data or you can say information about your audience.

Trace out the people who have a genuine interest in your content, it does not matter if they have shown their interest in the past, or if with the help of your content their current problem is getting solved. It will help your organic traffic to improve, and will also make your visitors spend a quite good amount of time on your website, making search engines regard your website as a quality source of information, which will further strengthen your website’s authority. And Google then accordingly boosts your rankings.

#2. Realize the Intent of the User

For running a successful or impactful email marketing, you need to know and realize what the intent of the user is, and what will make them open your email. Well, for it, there are two possibilities. Either you have provided them with something really valuable, or maybe you are an expert who can write fantastic subject lines for the emails.

Anyway, when we talk about the intent of the user, they are of three types: informational, navigational, and the third one is transactional.

Users with navigational intent are those trying to go to a particular website. When a user is prepared to make a transaction or for taking another online action, it is called transactional intent. And informational intent we can understand by its name only that they are looking for some information.

When you provide the users with content that is fulfilling their needs, you get quality visits, your SEO starts to improve and you get organic traffic as well.

#3. Send newsletter having exclusive content

Find out what your audience is looking for and then address them with your exclusively created content. It will help your brand to be on the top of your audiences’ minds.

By sending monthly or weekly emails containing relevant information, you can establish your brand’s reputation and you also become a thought leader for your audiences. And having a company blog can be a very helpful source for you where you can regularly write and post content that your visitors will get nowhere else. You can send your new blog updates in your newsletter or circular, and when they will click the “Read More” button, you will succeed in your motive – to get organic traffic. Hurray!

#4. Integration of social media and Email

Because social media and email both are beneficial tools for marketing purposes, you can enhance their efficiency by combining them.

You can use your social media to boost subscribers to your mailing lists, and by using email you can add more followers to your social media channels. And to make your visitors capable of cross-sharing your content, you make sure that you are including social media tags in your emails and encouraging them to promote your content. It is sounding so funny and interesting, is it not? Of course, it is!

This cool activity will not only help you in generating rapport but will also enable you to have increased personalized conversation and drives organic traffic to your website.

#5. Ask for Reviews on email

Reviews play an insignificant role in every business, small or big does not matter. Reviews act as backups of the claims you make in your emails and write on the bio of your social media pages, accounts, channels, or on your website.

Believe it or not, the reviews are being read by 98% of the consumers, according to this survey. Reviews are being valued the same way, as personal recommendations are. Try to get more and more favorable reviews, as it will help you get increased organic traffic.

So, these were the Best Emailing Methods to Boost Organic Traffic on the website that we discussed and learned here. Go ahead and use these learned emailing methods of boosting organic traffic.

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