7 Benefits of Getting Featured in An Online Business Magazine


Benefits of Getting Featured in An Online Business Magazine

There are many online business magazines out there in the market, both in digital and print formats. Some of them are yearly while some of them are monthly published. And many businesses and startups want to get themselves or/and their brands featured in such magazines. Here is my question, do you or did we ever think that why the businesses want to get featured themselves? Why do they have heavy budgets, especially for this purpose – to get themselves featured in an online business magazine? There must be a reason behind all of these, should not be? What do you think, any guesses?

You must have a little or a bit of knowledge regarding it, but here, we will be trying to understand the advantages of getting featured in an online business magazine, in quite detail.

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So, are you all ready for it? That is great! Continue reading ahead and have an insight.

#1. Credibility

Getting featured in an online business magazine improves the credibility of your brand, business, or startup. Marketing Sherpa conducted this survey, which revealed that 82% of people trust magazine ads when they have to make a purchase-related decision.

#2. It will be Forever There

As online business magazines get published or released online only, they will forever be there on the magazine’s website and on any other online platform where it will be released or listed that can be accessed and downloaded or viewed anytime the reader wishes.

#3. Brand Value

Along with improving your credibility, getting featured in an online business magazine will also boost your brand value as people start to trust you, your product, and your services more and more. The more brand value you or your product will have, the more chances are there of succeeding in the market.

#4. Quality-Focused

It does not matter if the magazine is in digital, print, or both formats, high-quality content and picture or images is a must. This not only makes the magazine more professional but also gives it a premium look and makes the reader feel good while reading the online magazine.

#5. Wider Reach

One of the desires of every business owner is, I think, to make their business reach a wider audience and to find new ones to grow their customer or user base. And this is where and how getting featured in an online business magazine can be extremely beneficial for any business owner, no matter if they are already an established one or someone new to this field who wants their business to progress and succeeds.

And as the magazine is online, it can reach anywhere and everywhere on the globe.

#6. Customer Interactivity

In comparison to print business magazines, getting featured in an online magazine is more interactive and so they can provide a better experience to the users. Online business magazines contain many interactive elements like web links, pop-ups, 360-degree views, etc. And these interactive elements also make the magazine more attractive and engaging for your customers, and it may also encourage them to visit your website or social media pages and follow you or your company profile there.

#7. It makes Your Customers Convenient

There is no doubt that the process of buying and reading online magazines is swifter and easier. So, if you get featured in an online business magazine, your customers around the globe can anytime buy the online or digital magazine and get to know about your business, products, or services, in their comfort. No matter what they are doing or where they physically are, as long as they have their mobile phones and good internet connection with them, they can access the magazine and read it, even when they are in the washroom.

A Quick and Important Highlight

  • Online business magazines help boost the credibility of startups and businesses, and a survey by Marketing Sherpa has revealed that the 82% of people trust magazine ads.
  • Online Business Magazines last longer that can be accessed at any time, on the magazine’s website, and wherever it is released.
  • If you get featured in an online business magazine, it will boost your brand value, as the trust for you and your company grows in your customers.
  • As an online business magazine, it has the potential to reach a wider audience and can bring a few new audiences as well.
  • Many interactive elements can be provided in the online magazine, which may encourage your customers to know more about you or your company by clicking on the web links that are being provided in the magazine.

So, here we are done with our discussion on the advantages of getting featured in an online business magazine. This piece of information, we hope, have cleared your doubt and concerns regarding getting featured in an online business magazine.

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