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5 Myths and Truths Surrounding Workplace Behaviour

In this article, we talk about Myths and Truths Surrounding Workplace Behaviour. People working in various works in different fields will have several thoughts about their workspace behavior; among them, most of them will be myths, and some may be true. So, people with several beliefs about workers and their workplace can know about these myths to understand how people work hard to achieve more in their fields. Most people think that every assumption about workplace behaviour is accurate and that they help them get better benefits.

So, this article will help to know about the various myths and truths available around workplace behaviour and also help people get a clear idea about those thoughts. Every myth in the world of work will have truth behind them, and it also has several benefits. So, people who need to know about myths in works should also learn about the reality behind those ideas.

5 Popular workplace myths and the truth behind them

Every myth in the workplace will have a unique reason behind them. Similarly, all workers will believe that because of less knowledge about those myths and the reality behind them. So, some of the top myths that are available in the workplace are

  1. The happy worker will be more productive
  2. Money motivates workers better
  3. Being harsh to the workers for good performance
  4. Every Work stress is bad
  5. A conflict-free workplace is good to work

So, these are some myths most workers believe in their workspace and also thrust all these as truth. Every myth in this list has some facts behind them, and all of them will help the workplace with several benefits. But, to know the benefits of these myths, people need to have more understanding of these myths.

  1. The happy worker will be more productive

Most workplaces have thought that a company with happy workers will have high productivity. First, this seems to make sense, but people with deep knowledge about works will understand the truth. The truth is only productive workers will be happy, and that is because of their effective working process.

So, due to their work perfection, they get various rewards and increments, which make them happier. People working well in their field will have work stability and protectivity and earn better wages. So, all these elements will make people happy.

  1. Money motivates workers better

Many companies and workplaces have a myth that money will motivate workers. But the reality behind this myth is that money may be a motivator, but other than money, several factors encourage people to work hard. Other than money, people will get motivated by obtaining power, status, and other elements connected with money. But money is not the ultimate thing that encourages people to work.

If money is the motivation, how do people in high-paying jobs get motivated to achieve big? So, money can also be a motivation but not for all. So, employers should understand this and encourage their work in various ways other than money.

  1. Being harsh to the workers for good performance

This myth is common in all workplaces, and most people may undergo these things. Many companies think being brutal to the employees will increase their work performance. But it’s ultimately a myth and will not work that way. Being demanding and rude to workers will increase their stress levels of the workers, and it also damages their performance of the worker.

The company’s managers or team leads should have more patience towards their co-workers. These kinds of behavior towards their workers will help them to get more productivity than regular time. Being polite and calm towards workers will help them get some confidence and help them work with a clear state of mind.

  1. Every Work stress is bad

Though most work-related stresses are bad, some stress in a small amount can be a motivation to complete a task at the correct time or even to achieve something good. This myth states that all work-related stress is bad, and that’s not true. It’s because sometimes a little bit of stress at work will be the driving force that helps the workers complete their job perfectly. So, this myth about workplace behaviour is also not true.

People working stress-free may be productive. Still, the small amount of pressure on their work is the exciting thing that challenges people to complete their work with certain restrictions, and these kinds of stress will make the workplace more exciting and engaging.

  1. A conflict-free workplace is good to work

According to this myth, every workplace conflict will be dangerous, and people must avoid them. But, like all the other four myths, this is also false. The truth is that minor conflicts between works, like choosing the best method to perform a task or choosing the best product to invest in, will lead to innovative ideas and profitable decisions. The conflict-free workspace will not help the workers to think about various perspectives on a single topic.


So, all these are the top 5 myths and truths surrounding workplace behaviour, and people who understand these myths and facts will have a perfect working environment. Similarly, a company that understands all these myths and their reality can make their workers work more productively and effectively. So, each detail in this article will help employees and employers understand the myths they believe as true.

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