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Top 5 Tallest Buildings in the World

If we look willingly and pay enough attention, we will see wonders in the world around us. Though the wonder that we are talking about here is architectural wonders – the skyscrapers tallest buildings.

Are they not stunningly beautiful and left us dumbfounded whenever we see them either on the television or the internet? When we see them, we could not help but say, “Woah! How they have made these awesomely aesthetic skyscrapers?” or “do they not fear such great heights?” Is it not so?

This article ahead will be exploring the top 5 tallest buildings in the world. Continue your reading as you might not know some of the buildings on the list!

#1. Burj Khalifa

With its massively impressive height of 2,717 feet, the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, was opened in January, in Dubai. This iconic structure has 163 floors in it that comprise numerous luxury apartments, high-end hotels, corporate suits, and fine-dine restaurants.

It features the highest observation deck including the service elevator in the world. Burj Khalifa holds many records, such as the tallest building in the world, the tallest free-standing structure, the tallest service elevator in the world, the highest observation deck, the highest number of stories, the elevator with the longest distance, and the highest occupied floors.

#2. Shanghai Tower

The height of Shanghai Tower is 2,073 feet and is located in China. It is the second tallest building in the world, after Burj Khalifa.The construction of this stunning skyscraper was started in 1997 but due to some funding issues, its construction was put on hold several times.

Its elevators used to be the world’s second-fastest elevators with an amazing speed of 20.5 meters per second. But soon in 2017, the Guangzhou CTF Finance Center surpassed it with a speed of 21 meters per second.

There are a total of 128 floors in this tower and is located in the financial district of Pudong. And it features 270 wind turbines.

#3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

Situated in Mecca, this tower has 120 stories and is 1,972 feet long. This is the third tallest building in the world and it is also known for being the most expensive building in the world. Its construction was started in 2004 and took almost 6 years to complete.

#4. Ping An International Finance Center

The construction of this 1,966 feet tall building was completed in 2017 and it is the tallest building in Shenzhen and the second tallest building in China. There are 100 floors in this building and has a retail and conference podium that can accommodate about 15,500 workers and 9,000 passengers.

#5. Lotte World Tower

Lotte World of Seoul features the world’s largest indoor theme park, an outdoor park, luxury hotels, shopping malls, and a Korean folk museum.The world’s fifth tallest building is situated in Songpa District, which is a densely populated city in Seoul. This is the tallest building in South Korea. It has a total number of 123 floors, and its height is 1,819 feet.


These were the top 5 tallest buildings in the world that often make us wonder at their heights and architectural beauty. These buildings are examples of human excellence achieved using technology, innovation, and creativity. These show the progress that the world has made in the field of architecture.

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