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Why Video Marketing is Important for Brand Building? 2023

Why Video Marketing is Important for Brand Building

Today we know about why Video Marketing is Important for Brand Building. There are many marketing strategies out in the market, people are using these marketing strategies for a variety of purposes. Some use these strategies to just develop and learn marketing skills, while some use them for the sake of their brand or business. One of those many marketing strategies is video marketing, sounds cool, does it not? Yeah!

Though the idea of video marketing is not new, the importance of marketing is witnessing rapid growth, nowadays. It does not matter how big or small a business or brand is, everyone is coming forward and making marketing videos for their brand-building purposes.

But hey! What are the things you are aware of about video marketing? Do you want to know and learn more about it? We know you do, and that is why you came finding for this piece of information, right?

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Join us and dive deep into our topic, and let us get an in-depth understanding of video marketing.

Concept of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the effective strategies to engage your customers or your audiences. It is the marketing campaign’s part. In simple words, video marketing means making videos to make your audiences aware of your services or products, this is used as brand communication as well. With the help of video marketing, you can boost engagements on your digital and social media channels, your audience gets to know about your brand through a new medium. Video marketing educates them and makes them easily understand your products, brand, and services.

The Necessity of Marketing

It helps businesses of all sizes gain huge traction. Here this survey by states that business got benefitted from using video marketing, as video marketing has boosted their brand awareness by 70%, traffic by 51%, and sales by 34 %. What, did you find this outcome astonishing? That is great!

There is an increase in the small businesses who are owning and implementing video marketing strategies as it is benefiting them in many ways like retaining and attracting new customers.

Advantages of Video Marketing

There are not only one but many advantages of using video marketing. Videos improve your ranking in the search, they are more engaging and so you get more exposure, and enhance product understanding of your customers, it is an impactful marketing strategy, it is the second most popular content type on social media, and its visibility is also longer on the social media feeds. Video marketing also builds trust and understanding between you and your audiences.

And the advantages of video marketing are not limited to this, according to this HubSpot Report, video enhances the page quality and also the time that the people spend on the website’s page. Also, videos are added by 31% of marketers for their SEO improvement. Furthermore, videos enable 83% of video marketers in their lead generation.

What can be Explained Using Video Marketing

Everything related to your product, services, and brand can be explained using video marketing, and that, too, very conveniently. According to this video marketing statistics by Wyzowl, an explainer video about a service or product has been watched by 98% of the users, and this is why in the same report it is mentioned that video is being used as a marketing tool by 86% of the businesses, and by 92% of the marketers, video is being considered to be one of the important parts of their marketing strategies.

Here, you might be thinking that how one can explain a difficult concept using a video, right? Well, an animated video is a perfect answer to your question. Using animated videos, concepts can be brought to life. Yes, you read it right. Animated videos are capable to perform this magic.

And so, live or text videos are incomparable to it. Unlike text or live videos, animated videos are entertaining, and informative at the same time. Sometimes, they can be a bit nostalgic also.

Video Examples or Ideas to Help You Get Started

  • Product showcasing with demo videos: Such videos are short, and explain to the visitors how a product or service works. In such videos, you can highlight the prime features of your products or the benefits of your provided services.
  • Videos of Behind-the-Scenes: These kinds of videos are made to let your audience know the people who helped in making your product from the scratch, or are currently working in your company. It builds an emotional connection between your audience and your product or company. And it also makes people working in your company feel better and recognized.
  • Educational or Guiding Videos: These videos are made to make your visitors learn something or to help them out with something they are trying to do. For example, say, how to install antivirus on a laptop/PC, or how to make Biryani.


So, here, we got to learn why marketing is important for brand building, and have discussed some of the ideas that can help you get started with video marketing.

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