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5 Best Ways How To Become A Good Public Speaker-2023

How To Become A Good Public Speaker

In this article, we talk about How To Become A Good Public Speaker: Public speaking is dreaded by many. Be it as an informal toast at a friend’s wedding or a serious presentation at a company meeting, we all get nervous at some point or the other. And if one gets trapped in that mental state, that person will end up missing their point completely and create a bad impression on the audience.

But one cannot deny the importance of having good speaking skills. They can open many doors in your career and also give you a great image in your personal life.

Good public speaking skills are never inborn. All good public speakers had to deal with the same problems they are dealing with when they first started public speaking. Only through time and experience have they been able to find out the perfect way to be an effective speaker. This tells us that it is completely okay to stumble on your journey to becoming a great public speaker.

So, without any further ado let’s talk about the methods that can help you become more confident and intriguing the next time you go out there to speak.


  • Before starting anything, one needs to chalk out exactly what they want to do. The same applies to public speaking. If you don’t plan out what you want to say to your audience, you’ll find yourself in a sea of confusion during the presentation.
  • Planning out exactly what course you want to take and from which point you want to start and where you want to end is crucial for a good speaking session. Once you have done that, focus on your delivery. Just like any good book or article, you’ll need to grab the attention of the crowd from the starting sentence itself.
  • Remember winging never works when it comes to public speaking and therefore, planning is a must.


  • Once you are all set with your plan, you will need to polish it further and get it down to your bones. And nothing can help you achieve that apart from practice.
  • Try speaking in front of your friends, family, or even colleagues. Having an external perspective will help you figure out if you are missing something and help you further improve your speaking skills.
  • Even conducting dry runs where one speaks in front of an empty hall helps a lot. Famed professor Walter Lewin of M.I.T. once revealed that he keeps conducting dry runs after dry runs till he perfects his lectures.
  • Another way to practice is by listening to your recordings. This will especially help you correct your tone and make it more confident.
  • So, before you jump in for a presentation or a speech, make sure you’ve had plenty of practice beforehand.

Body Language

  • Body language plays a huge role in every sphere of our lives. Having positive body language boosts our confidence in public, while a bland and timorous appearance will negatively impact the audience and lower our self-confidence.
  • Standing straight, placing your chin a bit forward, and looking your audience in the eyes are good body language aspects. Not hiding behind a podium and moving around while you also talk immensely boosts your confidence and helps connect with your audience better.
  • Using gestures and pausing from time to time is another way to show that you are aware and confident about what you are saying.
  • Body language is completely an external quality. As such your audience will immediately figure out if you are nervous or lack confidence once they see you. So make sure you play it right the next time.

Positive Thinking

  • What compliments body language is positive thinking. A positive mindset helps reduce nervousness and fear, something that is always connected to public speaking. Repeating negative words in your head and doubting yourself will quite naturally harm your performance.
  • Give yourself some time before going on the stage and picking up the mic. Repeat positive words or go through similar visuals that get you motivated and fills you up with energy. Your audience should be your main focus
  • Keep in your mind that public speaking is all about your audience. You are not going on the stage to talk about yourself or your intellect. Your job on the stage is to address what the crowd wants to know.
  • This will help you become less self-conscious ( which is harmful in this case) and be more fluid and attractive with your presentation. Consequently, your audience will also feel involved, making the whole session a success and leaving a great impression on them.

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Don’t write it all out.

This final point is a small one but important. Never read from your notes. Or even better, don’t make one. Write out the important points on cue cards and refer to them if needed. This will add a touch of naturality to your speech.

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