Increase Brand Awareness for Your Startup Business

5 Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Startup Business


Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Today we talk about Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness. For anyone who is thinking about starting a business or already has started a small business, which is in its startup phase right now, brand awareness is a must thing to do. Until people or your potential clients are aware of the services or products you are offering, you will not be able to benefit.

Brand awareness is something that brings you profit, not only profits but also helps you build a good relationship with your customers. The stronger your brand awareness is, the more success your products along with your company or startup will achieve

By the way, we all, whether we own a business or a startup or not, have heard this term many times. Brand Awareness. Have we not? But we seldom understand what it is, how to do it, how to boost or increase it, and the benefits of brand awareness. Is it not? But we need to know and learn, especially those who are business and startup owners.

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So, let us move ahead and learn about it. Ahead, we will be discussing the 5 best ways to increase brand awareness, or you can say, how to increase brand awareness.

#1. Reach Out Influencers

Influencers can help your brand reach new and wider audiences through their huge fan following on their social media accounts. Research your target customers, try to know the personalities or businesses they actively follow and adore, and that social media platform where these two (your target audiences or clients and their loved personality or business) are most active. Once you are done with these two things, the second step to take is, to reach out to those personalities or businesses and check if they can promote your brand on their social media platforms, in their blog posts, or wherever. Either through paid promotion or in exchange for some exclusive facilities from your company or brand, say, discount coupon code for their clients, for example. The latter one would be a win-win deal for both, though. This will not only help you to surge your brand awareness but will also let you practice creativity.

#2. Regularity in Social Sites

If you are a company or a startup owner, your company must have accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. make sure that you are consistent and active on all of these platforms. Post daily or regularly, and remember that only posting stuff on your social media platforms is not enough, you need to interact with your followers, too. Interaction with them is necessary, the more you interact with them, the more connected with your brand, products, and services they will feel.

And you cannot ignore the fact that people before purchasing just anything from a new brand, will research it and your company’s social media is one of the sources for them to know about your company and the products and services you are offering them. So, be regular there and keep posting updates, and links to your company’s blog posts, interactive and engaging stuff like polls, etc.

Being consistent on social media accounts helps you build long-term brand awareness, so do not lose hope if you are not getting instant results. It will take some time and the more engaging and interactive your posts will be, the more there is the chance for you to start seeing results.

#3. Through Content Creation

Create your content in such a way that it makes your potential clients believe that you, as a business, are aware of and understand what their pain point is, and that you have the capabilities to solve them. Those content can be anything.

They can be in the form of blog posts, eBooks, videos, and even memes addressing their issues but with the intent to encourage them to approach you. Just telling them that your product can help does not work or is not sufficient.

Add value to your target, by using your content and sharing it across the platforms, especially where your audience hangs out or is active the most.

The content that you will create, will help your clients to become habitual of your brand’s or company’s name because they will come across your content oftentimes, and this is how they will gradually be able to recognize your brand.

But never expect them to start buying your products right after reading a few blogs or watching a few videos of your brand, it takes some time for them to trust your brand and products, which will be built when you will create and post quality, engaging, and interactive content.

#4. Offer Stuff for Free

I know that this might be sounding quite uncomfortable that you will have to give stuff for free, but it helps! Giving things free is a great way to get your logo and business name in front of your potential clients. It has still a huge opportunity in the market.

You can do this by getting your brand and business logo printed on almost anything, like keychains, pens, t-shirts, coffee mugs, tea cups, etc. and then you can distribute them for free.

But before you move ahead with it, make sure that you have a clear knowledge of what products your customers adore use the most so they will buy them.

And in this way, whenever they use products having your brand logo and business name printed on them, they will keep becoming more and more familiar with your brand name. Not only they will become familiar, but their friends will also start to know about your brand and company.

So, giving or distributing your stuff for free can help you in the long run. After all, who does not loves to get free stuff? Right? We all do!

#5. Collaboration

Well, this way is also known as cross-promotion. In this, what you need to do is, find businesses whose target audience is the same as your target audience but whose product offerings and services are different from yours.

Once you succeed to find such businesses, you can then build relationships with them and cross-promote each other’s products and services. Are you thinking that how you could do it? It is very simple, though.

You both can do it by offering exclusive discounts to each other’s customers coming to avail of your services, or you both can also do it by co-sponsoring events together as well.

But one thing that you both businesses need to take care of is that it should look natural to your clients and the two offerings go hand in hand. It should not be like the two products are not connected or related to each other.

It will not work this way. For example, suppose you are a sportswear company that produces sports-related attires such as sports t-shirts, tracksuits, etc. then you can collaborate with fitness tech companies.

And so on. In this way, you both businesses will help each other to grow a strong brand awareness and earn profits, gradually.


So, this was all that we had to discuss and learn – 5 ways to increase your brand awareness for your startup business.

Using these ways you can increase your brand awareness for your startup business, and make it successful. Along with this, we hope you find it to be informative, and that it helped you to learn something.

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