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These days people are running towards start-up for their own work for their satisfaction which really very good but due to lack of ideas and proper execution sometimes it creates problem on them. So, let’s have a look on some of the cities which are prominent for the purpose.

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(1) Delhi – The center of India has a respect of its own, Delhi is the area of political power and this lends a great hand to the startup ecosystem flourishing there. Having a strong hold in telecommunication and media, Delhi has been a destination for entrepreneurship related meeting places conferences. So we can say it delhi is very good for startup.

(2) Banglore – As we all know that banglore is called as silicon valley of India. This city is also very rich in different sources which are important for any startup. It has a very good environment to start any business.

(3) Gurugram- This may sound little awkward but it is very right to say that gurugram is one the important city for the startup. The location is main factor because it is situated near to delhi and always not with connectivity with NH. This city is also becoming very good for investment.

(4) Noida- the same factor is also applicable for noida also. It is also of less distance from and Ghaziabad as well. You can get labor very easily as due to of its high population. It is also important to know that you can get places on rent or lease in less price and easily.

(5) Hyderabad – this city one of the important and prominent city of south India as the Indian government is also investing in this city the city is developing day by day and also has good population for the labor and also has very good connectivity so transportation can be done quite easily and perfectly.

(6) Chennai – Chennai is going to be most prominent city for startup within some year. As it is most famous city of south India. It has sea shore which makes it quite important for import and export. You can also have workforce easily.

(7) Mumbai – One of the major cities of India with a huge area of development and investment. As it is one of the oldest city of India is Mumbai has a different figure in this field. The city has huge man power as well as opportunity.

(8) Mohali – One of the most prominent cities of Punjab. Mohali was always treated as decorated place for business. Many businessman and many working plants with huge no. colleges makes it quite different from other cities.

(9) Pune – The second largest hub in Maharashtra after Mumbai. The city is quite less expensive as compared to Mumbai also has perfect connectivity both by railway as well as road and also have plenty of places for startup.

(10) Ahemedabad- It is known as heart of Gujarat. The city is lushes with all the required thing which are helpful for a startup. It has connectivity man power and whatever is required for development of any business.

So, these are the cities of india for startups business which are emerging as hotspot for the startup. Apart from this the many more reasons are important for selection of any city such as location, connectivity , human resource etc. you can also select smaller cities for cheap and easy availability of places. It will also depend on the plan which you want to start. Thanking you!

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