Top 10 Websites for Online Learning

Top 10 Websites for Online Learning


Top 10 Websites for Online Learning

 Online learning or you can say that e-learning is trendy. Most learners, mainly those who cannot afford the expensive education, go for online learning. With the help of online learning, they not only gain the certificate but also knowledge.

Even they do not have a shortage of courses and programs on the online platform. Right from graphic designing to content marketing, you can pursue any of the classes. Additionally, some of the courses are free of cost, and you will get a certificate too.

Online learning is a boon for those masses who do not have time to attend college. They constantly seek the part-time courses that they can pursue. Additionally, you get quality knowledge from their classes. Now, various websites are excellent platforms for online learning. Here are some online learning websites which you can consider to pursue any course.

  1. Udemy 

Udemy is the house of various online courses and has various leading experts. No scholar does not hear about the udemy. This online learning platform provides more than 55,000 courses.

Do not you think that it is an ideal platform for learning? In addition to it, you get both sorts of courses like paid and free. You can opt for any of them.


  1. Coursera:- 

Coursera is a great platform that offers massive online courses. It has partnerships with various universities and organizations across the globe. These universities include Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and so on.

You get the option of free courses on this platform too. Additionally, you can download its app to make your learning smooth and best.


  1. edx

Are you seeking free online education? If it is so, edx is an ideal platform for you. It has the main focus on providing the best and top-notch quality of education. In 2012, it was established by Harvard University and MIT.

You get various online courses in different fields such as engineering, computer science, and so on. In addition to it, choose the course according to your field and get plenty of benefits.

  1. Alison 

Alison offers various free online courses to online learners. Even approximately 10 million students across the globe enroll in the courses Alison. When you explore Alison, you get multiple options.

All you need to do is enroll in the course as per your interest and work on it. You get the option of courses related to technology, business, languages, and many more.

  1. Academic Earth 

Academic Earth consists of free online college courses from the world’s prominent universities and colleges. You will not face any problem in navigating this website. Search on it and get plenty of online courses related to your interest.

You can find the courses as per your study background and pursue them for free. It is the best place to start your online learning. It has playlists and videos. Moreover, all you need to do is explore the website, choose the course and complete it. By this, you get the chance to flourish your skills.

  1. Drawspace 

Do you have an interest in drawing? Do you want to learn various drawing techniques? If it is so, you can consider the Drawspace. You can learn various drawing techniques to enhance your creativity.

If you want to become a prominent artist, you should opt for the Drawsapce. Additionally, you have the option of learning the basics of drawings and painting via advanced elements, drawing people, and so on. This decision will indeed be the turning point of your life.

  1. Harvard Online courses

It is another platform that opens the door of opportunities to online learning. It is ideal for learners interested in business development, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and many more. In some of the courses, you will have to pay a fee while some are free of cost. You get study material too, which makes your learning easy.

Moreover, some of the courses come with registration deadlines. So, to enroll in any, you need to check the deadlines. Due to it, you cannot miss the deadlines and enroll in your favorite course as soon as possible. In other words, you can also add this platform to broaden your knowledge or get the best experience for online learning.

  1. Skillshare 

It is considered the sleek online learning platform that offers around 26000+ courses. You get the top-notch quality of vide-content which makes your learning more accessible and better. The prominent instructors will guide you and provide accurate knowledge.

It also provides different sorts of hands-on projects and community-based learning. It makes your learning effective and best. You can take their free trials and get the best knowledge about the specific courses.

  1. Khan Academy 

Another platform with various online courses is here to broaden your thinking. It has a partnership with various post-secondary schools. It is known for offering a useable and well-organized interface. Additionally, it also provides various courses around the web.

It provides deep knowledge on various subjects. Their lectures are short and easy to understand for each learner. You get pretty handy information from them. Do not you think that it is an easy option for you if you face any problem in learning.

  1. Codeacademy 

Do you want to make your career bright in the coding field? Do you have an interest in coding? If so, Codecademy is an ideal option for you. It is a perfect platform for learning to code. With the help of their tutorial, you will learn how to write the code necessary.

You get knowledge about how to develop an idea website using different kinds of programming languages. These languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on. Additionally, with the help of Dashboard, you can look for your progress in various courses.

In the end, these are the top-10 online websites that are ideal for online learning. Additionally, you can enroll in one of them and get quality knowledge about the course. If you want to look for free classes, you can pursue free of cost too.

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