Increase Your Brain Memory

10 Tips How to Increase Your Brain Memory


How to Increase Your Brain Memory

In this article, we talk about How to Increase your Brain Memory. Our brain is one of the most complex structures found in the universe. Human existence has become possible due to the power of the brain. We survived and became conscious because our brains evolved to adapt to new surroundings over time. 

Many centuries have passed, but we have yet to learn much about our brains. Scientists are still puzzled to understand how our brain works. We know that all our powers lie in the brain but unraveling the truth is difficult. But do not worry; we know much more about the human brain today than our ancestors. 

This article will show the top 10 tips that will make your brain more productive. Your memory power will increase if you start applying the given suggestion.

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10 Tips on How to Increase Your Brain Memory

#1. Setting a routine


Studies show your brain goes into an automated process when developing a routine. Every morning when you wake up, the brain knows the common activities you perform every day. Thus, it doesn’t need additional energy to think or react to daily activities. 

Your brain will function smoothly without pain, and you can perform a task quickly. Setting your daily routine is essential to reduce the stress on your brain and save those energies for more complex tasks that come your way during the day.

#2. Creative time


Every week you have to find a few hours where you will give a boost to your creativity. Activities not part of your daily routine can be added to your creative time. Do something new such as repairing your bicycle, trying new mobile applications, drawing, art, or cleaning your car engine by yourself instead of going to the garage. 

You are instructing your brain to develop new memories when you try something new. These memories are recorded in the form of information. Building further information will flex your brain and give it a new energy boost which will turn on your creative side.  

#3. Food


The brain requires the necessary food to stay healthy and build new memories. Without a sufficient amount of food, the brain cannot develop properly. Add some green vegetables to your diet. Avoid fast food as much as possible because junk food slow downs the brain process. 

Food filled with antioxidants and vitamins will elevate energy and support the brain function to work smoothly. Green tea, salmon, cabbage, blueberries, cauliflower, dark chocolate, and turmeric are brain-boosting foods. Add some portion to your daily meal and support your brain development procedure.

#4. Workout


Participating in regular exercise will increase the agility in your body. Besides that, the blood circulation in the nerves becomes smooth, stimulating more positive energy. You will feel revitalized after the workout. 

It has been observed that people who participate in daily exercises are more alert. So find some time to perform some physical workouts. Spending one hour in the gym would prepare you for an entire day.

#5. Sleep well


Sleep is a vital part of your brain development. Get sufficient sleep every day. Sleep helps the brain to recover from the damage that occurred due to extensive usage. Sleep also improves the recall value of your brain. Enough sleep will make your brain prepare for the next day. You will find yourself more energetic and alert when you start your day. People who face sleep disorders will find difficulty in saving memories. 

They will need help to be able to recall the activities performed yesterday. Slowly their cognitive skill drop, and they will start struggling in day-to-day activities. Some study shows most adult requires around seven to nine hours of sleep. So get decent sleep every day to improve your brain memory.

#6. Reduce Sugar


Sugar is the culprit in reducing your brain function. Consumption of Sugar slows down your brain activities due to the release of the dominant. Dopamine is the chemical released when you eat something that satisfies your brain’s nerves. It is a form of addiction that trigger the brain. 

Sugar, drugs, and some addiction-producing substance are the reason why people lose their cognitive skills. Not eating Sugar will reduce the development of Dopamine in your body. Also, Sugar is the reason for various health issues, which may also slow down your brain activities.

#7. Meditation


Meditating every day will slow down your brain activities for a few minutes. The human brain is designed to stimulate information at lightning speed. Every thought produced in the brain consumes a good amount of energy. Meditation will help you to control your thoughts and slow them down for the time being to reduce the stress over your brain. Mediation also helps in increasing the focus.

#8. Control weight


Physical health is directly proportional to your brain health. Anything that happens to your physical body is instantly informed to your brain. If your body goes through stress or pain, your brain will be busy assisting with the problem. Hence, you will not be able to develop new memories when the brain is at optimum usage. 

Remember that the primary function of your brain is to protect you from predators. Stress is a sign that your brain is at work to fix the immediate process. Controlling weight will take away the significant activities of your body. The brain will not have to dedicate time to maintain the pain in your body. Thus, you will find your actions are more agile and focused on the task.

#9. Check the level of Vitamin D


Vitamin D plays a critical role in developing health. It is vital to enhancing the function of your body. A deficiency of Vitamin D will cause your brain to avoid essential functions. The body will go through several health issues which also affect brain operation. 

#10. Anti-Inflammatory foods


Add Anti-Inflammatory foods to your diet to improve memory. Anti Inflammatory foods reduce the stress your body produces due to inflammation. Consumption of the food will lower the inflammation naturally. Add fresh fruits, tea, vegetables, and nuts to your regular meal. 

Bottom Line

Employing good habits will improve the brain’s ability to conserve memory. Enjoy your life, be happy, and eat healthy food to reduce stress. The development of anxiety reduces brain functions. Therefore, you should focus on getting the right ingredient to prevent the brain from getting occupied in unwanted activities. Follow the right practices and improve your memory.

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