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Spreading the Knowledge of Numerology Helping Numerous People Living a Prosperous Life: Trinetr Blessings

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Spreading the Knowledge of Numerology Helping Numerous People Living a Prosperous Life: Trinetr Blessings

Meet Mr. Aviiral Pandeiiy, the founder of Trinetr Blessings, which is spreading the knowledge of numerology helping many people lead a happy life. His company, which was established in the year 2021, using very simple methods, provides teaching related to numerology, Vastu, and other occult sciences.

We, at Decision Maker Magazine, had a great opportunity to have an in-depth interview with Mr. Aviiral Pandeiiy and got to know many things about his company as he shared with us in our exclusive interview.

Kindly tell us a bit about your company. What Service Does Your Company Offer to its Clients, and What is That Which Makes Your Company Different from Others?

We, Trinetr Blessings, are helping numerous people lead peaceful, happy, and healthy life. We do so with the help of Vastu Shastra (“Vastu Shastra” is the Sanskrit term for “science of architecture”) and numerology. We are helping people for the past 6 years when Trinetr Blessings was not established. The solutions that we provide are natural and are related to divine energies and Mother Nature. While providing our services to our clients, we, as we value our ancestors, always try our best to incorporate our great ancestors’ understanding of life and what we have learned from them. And I think this helps us bring some enhancement and improvement in our clients’ lives.

And as far as our services are concerned, Trinetr Blessings is an institution that teaches numerology and Vastu Shastra using simple methods and examples from our daily life so that our clients could learn and understand them properly, and with ease. For the learning convenience of our clients, we provide them with unlimited support, timeless Q&A sessions, live meetings every month, and a lifetime membership with our courses (both online and offline) so that they could stay connected with their subject and not lose track of their learning. Furthermore, whenever our clients have any doubts regarding anything, they can attend any live sessions and can get their doubts answered or solved, without their need to pay any extra cost for this.

Besides our courses, we trade authentic and rare hallmarked yantras which are silver pendants made of pure silver, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and original that are related to. All the products that we are providing are carefully purified through sacred chants (mantras), which bring further betterment to our clients’ lives helping them lead prosperous, happy, and healthy life.

Our dedication to our work, our punctuality, and our authenticity make us different from others.

How Big is the Market Opportunity in this Field?

Well, I think, there is a huge market opportunity in this field. Because people need help to grow and we are doing this business to help people to grow. For us, this business is like a helping hand to people, we happily help them to make their lives prosperous and happy. Our services are available to everyone from teenagers to old-aged people. So everyone is welcome to take our services.  Anyone who desires to learn ancient and authentic occult sciences, we are always available for them to help learn it. Our provided services help people to do great in their lives, and it makes us more than happy. When we see that people are growing and leading prosperous lives, it makes us feel glad and joyous.

Who are Your Clients and how do You Work on Your Long-Term Relationship with Them?

Our clients come from every work field and we make sure that we are in touch with them through calls, emails, newsletters, and notifications. And we also make sure that we built a healthy long-term relationship with our clients so that they can always feel delighted, comfortable, and welcomed whenever they have a conversation or discussion with us.

Why Your Products are Valuable to Your Clients?

Our products like bracelets, pendants, rare yantras that are made of 99.99 silver,  semi-precious stones, etc. are valuable to our clients because they know that the products that we are providing them are all authentic and very carefully purified with sacred chants so that they can serve their purpose.

At the moment, how do You Measure Success? What are Your Metrics?

I believe success means the growth of life, which is very important. And everything that you see in this universe keeps progressing and growing, so we are always looking forward to growing and expanding. And this is why we want to make this business grow globally so that we can help people around the globe lead an enhanced life.

Have You Reached Out to Potential Customers for Feedback?

Yes, our customers’ feedback means a lot to us as they help us to be on the right track and be informed on whether our provided services are helping them or not, and their feedback also helps us to know where we are lacking. Using their feedback we sort things out as soon as possible and bring the required improvement in our services or products, accordingly.

Share with Us the Big Achievement for Your Company to Date and What’s Next for the Company? What do You See Happening in the Company industry in 2022-23? What Makes You Excited about the Company’s Future?

Well, the biggest achievement to date, I would say, is, launching our software and e-commerce website, and right now, we are working to start shipping our products globally. Additionally, very soon we will be launching our mobile application for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices or platforms. And this is what makes us excited about our company’s future as it will help us to grow more and help more and more people, beyond the geographical borders and limitations.


Do You Consider Yourself a hardworking person or a smart person?

I believe both of the qualities are equally required and necessary to become an entrepreneur. Because you cannot say which one helps where and in what situations. So, I prefer to use hard work and smartness, accordingly.

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