Parimala Jaggesh

Parimala Jaggesh Inspiring Success Story of ‘Transforming Dreams into Reality!’


Parimala Jaggesh believes in one statement

“Never say “Why me?” Always say “Try me!”

When most of us are used to making mountains out of molehills, today, let us meet Parimala Jaggesh, a true fighter who always believed in recreating destiny from her early years in life.

In 1984, at the age of 15 years, she stood by the love of her life and in those days, her love story reached the steps of India’s Supreme Court, with the verdict given by Chief Justice P.N.Bhagwati in her favor based on human considerations which is used as a citation even these days.

The start of the marriage life was not a happily ever after like the usual fairy tales we read. The reality in life was far removed from that. She started her married life facing a lot of financial and emotional turmoil which lead her to become a type-2 diabetic in 1994 when her second son was just 2 years old. But, she never let anything faze her. Her zealous spirit and aspiration to combat all odds gave her new purpose and meaning in life and today, the biggest hurdle in her life, becoming a diabetic, is the reason we are reading about her in this article.

She made it her mission to understand the art of healthy living. She spent years, studying, analysing, researching about diabetes management using the latest available scientific discoveries and combining it with our ancient cooking wisdom. This unique blend of philosophy lead her to start her own nutrition company “Alamirap” which is the reverse of her name “Parimala”, as she firmly believes, anyone on this planet, can start reversing their way to better health with the apt lifestyle and food choices.

She is the standing example to this philosophy. Today, it is almost 30 years since she was diagnosed as a diabetic, but she has successfully mastered the art of diabetes management and reversed her way out of insulin-dependency and is the healthiest she has ever been.

Armed with this knowledge, mission, and passion of helping as many lives as possible, she is living her dream through her nutrition company Alamirap. Her entrepreneurial journey began as a boot-strapped company, but today, she can proudly boast of clients across the globe.

A real survivor of odds quoted this as

“If there is one thing that life has taught me – Change is the Only Constant.”

Her Journey as a Businesswoman: Company Offerings and Challenges!

Parimala Jaggesh, interestingly, is an integral part of Sandalwood movie industry and Indian Movie Fraternity as her husband, Mr Jaggesh, has been an actor, director, producer for more than 40 years, and at present is Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka.

But, she choose the field of nutrition to create her legacy.

Her nutrition company is founded on 3E’s Educating, Encouraging and Empowering every single client of hers, to reach their optimal health dream.

With the aim of not limiting knowledge to only her clients, she has made it her mission to spread valuable information about health and wellness to the world. Her social media has reach of millions and is a testimony to the fact that however late you can start in life, when you have passion and dedication anything is possible.

She also believes in keeping abreast with the latest knowledge in the world, and her journey of educating herself with numerous programs and certifications related to sports nutrition, clinical nutrition, diabetes educator and health and wellness coach, happiness coach, positive psychology coach, etc has never stopped to date.

The uniqueness of Alamirap Nutrition according to its CEO, Ms.Parimala Jaggesh is laying the foundation of the G.L.A.M. diet, referred to as the Glucose Level Assisted Monitoring Diet. It is a unique one-of-its-kind diet plan successful globally. AlaMirap Nutrition utilizes the latest technology for diabetes management in the world and combines it with their knowledge of Indian foods that are available in households to reverse nutritional disorders like Diabetes, PCOS, weight loss/gain, sports nutrition, training athletes, etc.

She has developed the unique and practically effective concept of the G.L.A.M. diet. It is a copyrighted technology-enabled diet plan curated by a professional team of doctors, nutritionists and health experts depending on the glucose level of the individuals either through available resources like CGM or glucometer.

It helps in getting glucose readings depending on the daily activity of the individuals, and then a personalized diet plan or chart is given by the team of experts. Such diet plans are a big success where people can easily reverse Diabetes or other ailments, and that too without starvation or paying the hefty cost of diet supplements. Their team will make it possible by using common nutrition that’s available in the household kitchen.

Core Strength of AlaMirap Nutrition and Vision

G.L.A.M. Diet is a core strength of AlaMirap Nutrition and is a USP of Parimala’s business. It comprises a methodology combining technology, the latest science, and ancient traditional cooking wisdom without starvation or supplements. The core competency of her company is to value its customers by providing customized programs. It is possible to achieve this with a passionate and dedicated team of registered dieticians, doctors, gym trainers, physiotherapists and yoga instructors who work together to create a holistic transformation in clients’ lives.

The core competency of this company is to value the customers by offering customized plans. They can possibly achieve this by focusing on the crucial elements in the diet of customers and focusing on the basic meal plans that are in sync with the customer’s food, culture, geographical location, genetic make-up, climatic conditions and other factors.

By following this diet plan, they could minimize the financial burden on clients and easily provide the source of ingredients and raw materials for consumption. It turns out to be a more cost-effective, sustainable, viable and easy-to-adopt plan.

Challenges Faced as a Women Entrepreneur in India

Parimala is a strong-headed woman who fought back against all odds to acquire a position in her professional and personal life. At the start, it was challenging for her to convince their family about beginning a startup at the age of 49 years. She did not have the roadmap in the family in a business background as she belongs to a movie background. Her nutritional counselling also involves the latest technology complemented with ancient cooking wisdom not explored earlier. She pioneered it and made other people use the diet counselling methodology.

On being asked about the work-life balance, Parimala said that it’s a never-ending dilemma faced by most working women. As a women entrepreneur in India, acquiring a work-life balance could pose a challenge. But she mentioned a few tips to cope with it:

  • She keeps clear boundaries in her personal and professional life by scheduling tasks and sticking to them.
  • It is important to delegate tasks to various team members so that you can focus on other crucial business aspects.
  • Find out your priorities and concentrate on a daily or weekly task list along with a long-term plan in mind. It is important to stop trying everything together.
  • Going for weekly drives and taking breaks is important for her, and sitting in the garden with a cup of tea is incredible. ME Time is the crux of it.
  • Another thing that helped ease the business hours for her was utilizing the technology to the fullest. Her goal is to dream of a task and use technology to solve the relevant issues.

Mission, Vision and Goals of Parimala Jaggesh in Professional Life!

When Parimala started her company, there was no mentor. Her business journey was full of errors and trials. But over time, she has understood the pulse of business. Today, she has successfully branched out to more than 5 different cities, and she firmly believes that creating mistakes helped her to better herself and her company.

In talking about the importance of women’s entrepreneurship, she said that women play a major role in the country’s development, and they are entering various fields. Parimala believes that there are 5 qualities that a good leader must have. It includes good confidence, better communication skills, empathy, adaptability and continuous learning. By considering these qualities, she has become a more strong and confident business leader who aspires to and inspires other women.

While discussing her roadmap of organization, she spoke of including encouragement, education and empowerment in every single client of her that helps create a successful business. This has helped her create better business credibility, which is evident with the GOOGLE review listings. She has had an amazing experience that helped her company reach unimaginable heights both on national and international levels in a short period.

List of her Awards and Recognitions

  • Honorary Doctorate for the work rendered by Parimala in rural areas in managing type-2 Diabetes with her copyrighted diet process GLAM diet.
  • Indian Achievers Award.
  • Published studies in International Medical Journals and a recent medical convention in France, Paris in Nov 2022.
  • Numerous state, national, and international awards
  • Her articles are published regularly in both print and visual media.
  • She is an RJ, TV show host.
  • She is an author.
  • She is also a motivational speaker.

Parimala’s Kilo Reduced – Kilo Donated initiative

This is the brainchild of Parimala Jaggesh. In wanting to giveback to the society and also to keep her clients motivated, this concept is of KRKD is for every kilo reduced by her clients, she donates an equivalent kilograms of grains to various NGOs across the state. According to her, this is one of her most satisfying moments ever.

Parimala-Juggesh-with-Narendra-Modi-JiHardwork always pays, and this was reiterated when she got the chance to meet Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi Ji and he congratulated her for her work, her vision, and her mission. He has asked her to work on the importance of our Superfood Millet for Fit India.

She also believes, giving back to the society, gives us meaning to life and living. In this day and age, when our own family thinks twice to give anything free, she is very different. She believes in empowering women and with this in mind, she had a unique 30-days mentorship for 1000 women completely free of cost to work on them with all aspects of life and living while addressing weight loss, a key problem area for most women.

She knows the knowledge she has shared will not only help these women, but it will actually change the way the future generation will look at food, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Parimala’s Belief, Advise and Journey in a Nutshell

Parimala believed in utilizing maximum capabilities to thrive in the male-dominated industry. She has a strong network of colleagues, mentors, friends and allies who empowered her with constant support and guidance. Her confident attitude and belief in herself gave her life a valuable perspective and helped create a positive change.

She is a risk-taker who determines to achieve anything she wants in life. Her assertive attitude towards life, the brilliant balance of handling situations and her assertive approach have helped her achieve the desired success in business.

When she can start her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 49 years, it can be done by anyone else. For her, entrepreneurship is like climbing a mountain that is attainable with perseverance, determination and the ability to enjoy the experience with dedication, passion and determination.

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