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Bharathi Kamath A Trailblazing Woman Entrepreneur Redefining Success Beyond Boundaries


About Bharathi Kamath

Bharathi Kamath is the Managing Director of Carewel Facilities India Pvt Ltd. She is a passionate entrepreneur and dynamic personality who has made significant strides in the business world with her innovative solutions in the Facility Management industry. She inspires future entrepreneurs to overcome various obstacles and societal barriers, demonstrating remarkable resilience, creativity and determination in pursuing their vision. Bharathi Kamath is committed to positively impacting the society with sustainable solutions.

 Entrepreneurial Journey

A passion for excellence fuelled her entrepreneurial journey during her early years in the Hospitality sector. While working within the esteemed corridors of India’s finest hotels, including the Taj and ITC Windsor, she gained invaluable experience by delivering exceptional services and managing intricate operations.

In 1995, She conceived the vision to redefine the standards of facility management services. At that moment, she took a leap of faith and trusted her gut feeling and established Carewel Facilities in Bangalore.

About Carewel 

Carewel is an integrated facility management firm committed to excellence, reliability and innovation-driven organization, drawing upon her extensive background in hospitality.

Her entrepreneurial voyage has been marked by growth, learning, and unwavering conviction. Bharathi always believed that passion and perseverance could turn your vision into reality.

Determined to Win and Driven to Succeed she set bench marks which to make Carewel stand out from competitors.

Carewel Facilities stands out from competitors through its-

  • Customer-centric approach.
  • Focus on quality & Innovative solutions.
  • Comprehensive service offerings.
  • Commitment to sustainability by prioritizing personalized services.
  • Carewel consistently delivers exceptional value to clients, setting it apart as a leader in the industry.

Carewel specializes in integrated facility management services.

Janitorial services tailored to the specific needs of each client. 

The services include cleaning common areas, offices, restrooms, and other spaces using industry-standard cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Carewel provides comprehensive maintenance services for various facilities, including manufacturing units, IT companies, residential complexes, educational institutions and Malls. The team provides routine maintenance tasks such as plumbing, electrical repairs, HAVC servicing and general upkeep to ensure the smooth operation of the premises.

Carewel also provide landscape and garden maintenance services to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces. 

Pest & rodent control services are designed to eliminate and prevent infestations in commercial, residential and industrial settings. Carewel team ensure occupants’ safe and hygienic environment while complying with relevant regulations using advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions.

Overall, Carewel Facilities focuses on delivering comprehensive facility management solutions tailored to the unique needs of customers, with a commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.

Challenges as a woman entrepreneur

Being in a leadership role in a traditionally male-dominated industries such as facility management companies was challenging due to gender biases, lack of trust and entry barriers for women.

One had to break fences and foster inclusivity which is extremely crucial for creating a more equitable environment where women can thrive as entrepreneurs.

“My determination and resilience helped me overcome these challenges. I surfed the high waves using my skills, seeking out supportive networks, right mentorship opportunities and advocating for inclusivity and gender equality in the business world” echoes Bharathi’

I want to reach out to companies in all segments to recognize and embrace the talent and expertise of women entrepreneurs in the integrated facility management sector. She strongly is of the opinion that by providing more opportunities to women entrepreneurs, companies can foster diversity, promote gender equality, and strengthen businesses by tapping into a diverse pool of talents and experiencing excellence in their operations.

Work-life balance

Achieving work-life balance is vital for sustainable growth on two fronts: family and business. Balance in work and life is achieved through strategic planning and creating a supportive environment. I set clear boundaries between work and personal life by surrounding myself with a supportive network of my family, friends, mentors, and colleagues who understand the challenging life of women entrepreneurs. Thus, the people around you can provide encouragement and assistance when needed.

Delegating tasks to highly competent team members and emphasizing ownership would allow you to focus on high-priority tasks and strategic decision-making.


While I didn’t have a formal mentor to guide me through my professional journey, I’ve always been driven by a strong determination and a passion for learning.

 I’ve sought inspiration and guidance from various sources, including books, industry leaders, and my own experiences. Kiran Mazumdar has been my role model throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

While having a mentor would have been beneficial, I believe that my journey has been shaped by the lessons learned along the way, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

Qualities of a great leader

A perfect business leader is not just someone who achieves success but someone who inspires others. They lead with integrity, setting a clear vision for the organization and empowering their team to achieve it.

They are adaptable and resilient, navigating challenges with grace and determination. Furthermore, communication is the key to fostering open dialogue and collaboration among team members. 

Ultimately, a perfect business leader is concerned with more than just profits; they are concerned with their team’s well-being and growth and the organization’s sustainable success.

Road map of Carewel

Carewel follows a road map that navigates the growth trajectory effectively while delivering value to clients. 

Key points are :

  1. A well-defined, clear vision and mission for the company, outlining its long-term goals and values.
  2. We are developing a comprehensive range of facility management services tailored to meet client needs.
  3. We implement efficient operational processes, leveraging technology and automation to streamline service quality.
  4. We are investing in recruiting, training, and retaining skilled employees, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.
  5. Staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements, continually innovating to meet evolving client demands and stay ahead of competitors.
  6. Integrating sustainable practices into operations, focusing on energy efficiency, waste reduction and environmental stewardship to meet client expectations and regulatory requirements.
  7. Implementing rigorous quality control measures to ensure service excellence, client satisfaction and adherence to industry standards.
  8. Continuously evaluate growth opportunities, such as geographic expansion and diversification of services, to sustainably scale the business while maintaining profitability and brand reputation.

Advice to the Businesswomen

Believe in yourself, know your worth, and never underestimate the power of your voice says Bharathi. Focus on networking, build relationships with your customers and suppliers and advocate for yourself confidently. Always stay resilient, stay informed and embrace collaboration. Lead with integrity, support other women, and celebrate your success. 

Your presence and contributions are valuable assets in any industry. Remember, being a woman in a male-dominated industry comes with challenges, but it also offers opportunities for growth, innovation and empowerment. Stay true to yourself, stay focused on your goals, and never underestimate the power of “Nari Shakti”.  Learn to embrace challenge with open arms she says.

Embrace the challenge

I hope people remember me as someone who successfully challenged the facility management industry, bringing innovation, reliability, and excellence to every aspect of our services. 

I want people to remember me as someone who empowered others, championed diversity and inclusion, and inspired positive change in the business world. 

My goal is to leave a legacy of leadership, innovation, and social responsibility that will impact my industry and society.

 I want Carewel to be remembered as a trailblazer in integrated facility management, known for our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and employee empowerment. Together, we desire to leave a lasting legacy of excellence”.

Metaphor for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is like sailing in the open sea. It requires navigating turbulent waters, adjusting sails to changing winds, and charting a course toward uncharted horizons. Just as a skilled sailor embraces challenges, uncertainty, and resilience in the face of storms, an entrepreneur must navigate obstacles, adapt to market dynamics, and remain steadfast in pursuit of their vision. In the end, it’s the journey and the lessons learned along the way that shape us and define our success.

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