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Achal Patel – The Rise of a Women Entrepreneur in the Digital World

An inspiring journey of a women entrepreneur who defied societal norms and shattered glass ceilings to become a prominent female in the competitive realm of the digital world. Achal Patel had modest beginnings where she exhibited an early entrepreneurial spirit, harbouring dreams that transcended the limitations imposed by society with her humble philosophy and perseverance.

Women entrepreneur navigating a male-dominated industry encounter numerous challenges. However, Achal was armed with resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for her vision. She forged ahead, undeterred by setbacks.

About the Achal Patel

Achal Patel is the co-founder and CEO of Eywa Solutions Pvt Ltd. Eywa facilitates quality services that make a difference in the industry and serve customers beyond with their digitisation services. The company was registered in 2011 with the powerful vision to make technology and digital marketing services accessible to all specially Tier2 cities like her hometown Solapur. Eywa Solutions started with two people, but now the team is 75 professionals stronger, adding value to customer businesses and helping them succeed in the industry. 

Achal completed her BE in computer science from WIT Solapur. She was passionate about technology and envisioned empowering the dream city of Solapur. The foundation was laid in 2011 when the company was officially registered. Harshul Patel is the co-founder of the company. Achal always believed that women can be successful entrepreneurs and make a positive impact in a city like Solapur.

Offerings of the Emerging technologies

Eywa is a technology and digital marketing services organization. The company believes that digitizing small or big businesses has become necessary; thus, It focuses on directing the firm towards sustainable growth using modern technology. It offers various services, including software development, technical support, and digital marketing.

The firm has partnered with six colleges in and out of Solapur. Eywa provides training programs, internships and industry visits to the students locally because there are few companies in the geography.

A key distinct feature of the Eywa 

We always work to answer the why rather than the what questions when solving problems. This gives us a decisive purpose for pursuing our goals.

The company’s foundation is based on the firm belief in giving back to society.

Women in the male-dominated industry

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I have also experienced challenging times in the early stages of my career. Attitude shifts are evident when people see women entrepreneurs in decision-making positions. But when you decide to swim in the deep water, you perceive the challenge as an opportunity and focus on your end goals. Rising above and beyond has always been the spirit, and I shall follow it.

Consumer delight level

Eywa has served clients in more than 12 countries, and the clientele varies from corporates to mid-scale businesses and startups. The company mainly worked in banking, finance, e-commerce, restaurants & healthcare.

I focus on one thing at a time. Whether you are home or at work, be fully into it. Half-heartedness will not work when you have big responsibilities to handle.

Eywa Awards and Milestones

Eywa has been fortunate to receive recognition for our work from well-known institutes. Here is the list of the awards won by the company since its incorporation and still counting.

  • Eywa shines in Silicon India Top 100 Mobile Apps Company 2013
  • Achal Patel mentioned in Silicon India women entrepreneur of the year 2018
  • Achal Patel awarded as the youngest entrepreneur by Sakal Youth Forum in 2019
  • Achal Patel awarded as Sakal Idols of Maharashtra 2022
  • Harshul Patel awarded for his Outstanding Leadership Award 2022 – Dubai
  • Achal Patel awarded with Shri M Visvesvaraya Eminent Engineers award in 2023

 Advise the Women Entrepreneurs

Believe in yourself. Many will make you feel or believe otherwise. Don’t go by anyone’s word or comment; you know what you are doing and What the purpose of your life is. Nobody can stop you from achieving goals and living your dreams.

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