Doubt Solving Platform

3 Childhood Friends On Mission to Build Doubt Solving Platform

Childhood Friends On Mission It was June 2021, and three friends from the same boarding school had been brainstorming for 2 months over different ideas on how to build a doubt solving platform EdTech platform to improve learning outcomes for the next half billion learners in India. Frustrated by the current offering, one of them […]

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Inspiring Success Story

Success story of Physicswallah : Inspiring Success Story 2023

Success story of Physicswallah Efforts with consistency will make you successful, maybe a bit later if not soon, but you will succeed. And this is what exactly happened with India’s 101st Unicorn Startup, Physicswallah, which is founded by Alakh Pandey. He had a great passion for teaching and studying, but did not have the proper […]

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