Modern Trends in Education

What are the Pros and Cons of Modern Trends in Education?

Modern Trends in Education system is focused on developing an overall personality with specific skills. Globalization has forced the institute to look beyond the borders and teach the student the future of technology. The next generation of youth will be smarter than the average human living on the earth today. The use of technology, sports, […]

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Inspiring Woman Academician

Meet an Inspiring Woman Academician Promoting Child-Centric and Activity-Oriented Education: Prof. (Dr.) Shauli Mukherjee

With a purposeful career in the education space spanning more than 20 years, PROF. (DR.) SHAULI MUKHERJEE has dedicated her life to the promotion of child-centric and activity-oriented education. A passionate educationist and a global thought leader with a background in setting up and leading new-age K- 12 schools, Dr. Mukherjee had been the Founder […]

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Global Governance Initiative

Global Governance Initiative: The Community of Passionate, Ambitious, and Kind Global Leaders

In 2018, I asked myself a question while pursuing my business school education- What matters most to me and why? Upon interacting with diverse talented students on the Indian School of Business (ISB) campus and a multitude of global professors, I realized my answer lay back home. Empowerment! I realized how privileged and lucky I […]

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Top 5 EdTech Companies Booming in India

Top 5 EdTech Companies Booming in India As technology is evolving with each passing day and internet services are being so easy to access for all, remarkable transformations are happening everywhere, in all sectors, and education is no exception. And since this COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all, the education sector is witnessing a boosted […]

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10 Prospects of Education in Digital World- What to Expect?

Education in Digital World Isn’t digitalization the new way of learning? There’s no field left where digital implications are not evident, and education is one of them. Digital learnings aid in reshaping the future of young minds and enhancing their educational practices. New teachers and learners both have a hang of technological advancements that help […]

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Top 10 EdTech Companies in India 2022

It’s the combined use of computer technology, programming, instructive hypothesis, and practice to aid learning. When EdTech refers to companies that make instructive innovation or develop Education Technology, it is usually used to refer to organisations’ business that makes instructional innovation or create Education Technology. With cutting-edge technology, students can now gain a more personalised […]

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Top10 Educational Magazines in India 2022

Top10 Educational Magazines in India 2022 Can you relate to the power of knowledge? Equipping oneself with integrated and well-assorted information from the best sources helps one get educated about diverse fields. Those students heading towards an aim can get a competitive edge through top educational magazines and journals. From choosing the right career path […]

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