Go Beyond Sports

Story of Go Beyond Sports and its Founder, Sonali Gupta

Sonali Gupta Success Story the founder of Go Beyond Sports Go Beyond Sports was registered in 2019 and started with creating content for sports via a sports agnostic talk show with all kinds of players, from Elite, Olympians, Amateur, Coaches, Experts et. The 1st season of almost 50 episodes was called “get set go beyond […]

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Maitrayana Charity Foundation

Promoting Gender Equality Through Sports: Maitrayana Charity Foundation

Maitrayana Charity Foundation: Gender Equality is highly essential for economic prosperity. It helps prevent violence against women and girls. Societies are believed to be safer and healthier when it treats men and women equally. Inequality in gender makes us all affected – all genders and of all ages and backgrounds. And for this reason, promoting […]

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