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Story of Go Beyond Sports and its Founder, Sonali Gupta

Sonali Gupta Success Story the founder of Go Beyond Sports

Go Beyond Sports was registered in 2019 and started with creating content for sports via a sports agnostic talk show with all kinds of players, from Elite, Olympians, Amateur, Coaches, Experts et. The 1st season of almost 50 episodes was called “get set go beyond sports” and spoke primarily about empowerment through sports. Talking about mental aspects of the games and sports. And motivating people to try all kinds of new sports. 

In season 2 “people in sports” we are beginning to talk more about the gaps in sports and how to bridge them. 

Apart from the talk show go beyond sports also has sports experts in psychology , nutrition, strength and condition, law, broadcast et and mentoring for females in cricket, biking, sailing et 

Go Beyond Sports was founded by Sonali Gupta who has been a passionate sports follower and fan since childhood. Having grown up playing multiple sports she has a vision to make India a sports playing and physically literate society and culture. 

Her mission is to touch as many lives as possible to empower, encourage and educate people towards remaining healthy active and fit, through sports or other activities. 

Building any startup is always challenging when it is an out and out passion project. Esp when sports was the one field that was hit the most due to covid. Hence, making it into a profitable business has been an amazing and interesting journey so far. 

Sonali herself is a veterans national badminton player, an author, emery healer and a pageant winner. Apart from doing multiple social activities. 

She is the chief commercial officer at Dartle, a sports based saas platform. 

She is also rhe secretary at a regional lions club. 

And very active socially, networking to create opportunities for her company and connecting dots in the sports ecosystem . 

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