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What is difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence?

In this article, we talk about the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Human Intelligence (HI) is a trending topic in the mainstream media. Social media users are already arguing on the subject widely and sharing their opinions on open forums. As AI evolves, the new generation of AI technology will enter the market to dominate the human race.

Large enterprises have already started leveraging AI technology to speed up their outcome. More outcomes at the minimum investment will keep the organization ahead of the competition.

Experts have been convinced that we will live in an AI-powered world. It is inevitable; thus, restricting or banning AI-powered technology will not help nations. We must coexist with the new change and learn to use AI technology to enrich human Intelligence.

Here we will discuss the significant difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI).

#1 Understanding the other human being

Many people believe that AI cannot read or understand the other human being. AI is not a conscious being; thus, he might not have sufficient knowledge of how we humans think. The thoughts may feel correct, but as the AI becomes more intelligent and more data flows into the system, the AI will have a mammoth size of the data of each person living on the earth.

A specific algorithm can understand the person’s core characteristics, which are later used to address the problem. AI can reach the level where the machine will know you better than your parents.

Memories are not more than the accumulated data throughout our life journey. All our decisions are shaped by the information collected through our experience. Our brains are limited to processing a certain amount of data every day. But for the AI, the information flows at lightning speed. AI can answer all your queries accurately and make you feel better because he knows your character well.

#2 Diagnose mental health patience.

People going through mental trauma look for consultation from doctors. Sometimes you have to go through therapies to regain mental health. These problems are biological and thus require the help of modern medicine.

Our physical structure is driven by the fluid in our body and brain. As AI technology gets into the health industry, the technology can be used to identify the exact problem with your body. A consultant could help you identify the issues in your brain.

The imbalance of the vital fluid causes various kinds of problems. AI-powered technology can quickly identify the change in the liquid and provide a solution without needing a deep diagnosis. It can offer you speedy services without needing to consult with doctors.

AI will solve your mental health problem quicker than the consultant. AI will know where to look for the problem by doing medical tests. Once the AI device receives the vital information, it will tell you what you are going through based on the extensive data analysis performed in the background.

#3 Self-decision

You may think that AI is a machine and it cannot decide what is right and wrong like we humans do. AI is far more accurate when it comes to decision-making. Why? Because AI can churn extensive data to identify the multiple outcomes of every decision and take only those that provide relevant output.

Humans cannot be persuaded beyond the limited information stored in the brain. Humans are emotional being; hence, when it comes to making a decision, our emotion makes us weaker. We mostly end up doing something which leads us to a more harmful situation.

If we closely think about human decision-making ability, we will realize that all our decisions are backed by the information we collected from experience. We are stuck in the cube of the past and cannot think beyond it. All our perception is based on the data stored in our brain. We cannot believe beyond; thus, our decision needs a guarantee of success. That’s why on many occasions, your decision is not generating desired returns.

#4 Thinking ability

Humans and AI have many similarities in thinking about specific subjects. The thinking process is data-driven and can only be completed by providing input. Both the brain and machines require inputs to produce the outcome.

Human thinking is backed by information and emotions. In comparison, AI is a pure data-driven thinking process. Whatever you ask AI, the machine will respond with accurate answers.

Future AI technology will produce much more productive outcomes than humans. The scale of AI-powered thinking is much larger than human ability. Hence, AI will be better at thinking than human brains.

#5 Inputs

The only difference we can find between AI and Humans is that AI requires input. Without input, the AI cannot produce the desired return.

AI cannot exist without input. Their existence is directly link to the information you add to the machine. Humans can live without inputs.

Our biological system is design to perform without needing input. This difference makes us humans different from AI. The AI can copy everything else, making them superior to us.


I hope you like the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence articles. Artificial Intelligence is going to dominate our world in the future. We have no choice but to adopt the new technology to become part of the new ecosystem. Human Intelligence will need to catch up in several areas. We should not try to compete with AI technology. We have to learn to coexist with them. AI is going to change the life journey totally in the coming future.

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