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Rashida Dairywaala Journey of a Multi-Tasker Female Entrepreneur and Her Roadmap to Success

How did you come to be an female entrepreneur?

I found myself good enough at collaborating with people as well as managing them, and I saw a leader in me, which lit the spirit of entrepreneurship. Transitioning from being an educator to becoming an entrepreneur was a turning point in my life where I saw an immense potential in IT industry with no boundaries and a chance to explore my inner capabilities as an individual.  Also, I had always seen entrepreneurs around me giving their best day in and day out, be it my father or brother or uncles who are inspiration for me every today.

How is it different from other companies?

We at OTFCoder do not just aim at the overall success of the company, but instead believe in individual upgradation of each team member, helping one another to be the best version of themselves, and in the process. We believe in digging deep with what best we offer and thus we aim to be the best Laravel Development Company FOR the world where we solve the problems of businesses with utmost ease and dedication.

Throw some light on your business and its offerings.

OTFCoder Private Limited is into Business since 2017 and successfully serving several industries across the globe. OTFCoder offers services that can help any business build their online presence. We offer Web and Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, Designing, ERP Solution, Website Designing and Development, API Integration etc. We have successfully developed solutions for the domain of Genetics and Pathology, Battery manufacturing, Transportation, Real-estate, F and B, Education, IT, Human resources, Banking and Travel industries.

How challenging is it for a woman to start/ or associate with any company? /Have you faced any unusual situations doing business in India as a female entrepreneur?

I believe, women are made for multi-tasking. Being a housewife is in itself a fulfilling/challenging task and being an entrepreneur simultaneously is just a cherry on top. And I do believe that challenges are a part of every woman’s life, be it physical, mental, or financial. But to do with them with a smile on face is what we women exceed at. I have faced several rejections when it comes to penetrating Male Dominated industry but as I said, I learnt from those experiences and moved ahead. Recently I was honoured at a Battery Fair Conference held in Delhi for being the women amongst all men in the Battery Industry 

How do you achieve work-life balance?

It is never smooth or void of challenges. But yes, I do have a supportive family for which I am thankful from the bottom of my heart, which makes it easy for me to go through challenges. I try to focus on one thing at a time. When I am at work, everything in my mind is about that, same with when having time with my kid/family. This way it makes it easier to deal with different things and helping me distract from a tiring monotonous routine.

Did you have a mentor to guide you through your professional journey?

Yes, I have had many mentors who have helped me be who I am today, from whom I have learnt important skills, who have pushed me to explore opportunities, who have supported me when I failed, who have always been there for me.

How are entrepreneurship and working women important for India?

Women, according to me are important in every field. Be it entrepreneurship or employment. As I mentioned earlier, challenges are a part of every woman’s life and provided that, women are strong willed and are better capable of finding solutions and dealing with problems as they are naturally adaptable/trained for it.

Define a perfect business leader. What are the qualities you think a great leader possess?

A perfect business leader is someone who possesses a combination of various qualities that make them effective in leading and managing a business.  I believe certain qualities are non-negotiable as a leader and those are Optimism, strong willingness, empathy and learning attitude. leading with integrity, inspire the team, make effective decisions, and create a positive work culture that fosters growth and success is what I ensure each day.

What is the road map of your organization?

OTFCoder which stands for On The Fly Coder, is clearly nothing but our road map, which is to keep flying high and high, setting new goals every time we fulfil the previously set ones.

We have set a goal to set our business successfully in Canada and Australia in next 6 months and to offer employment opportunities to more than 100 individuals. We also thrive to be the best solution provider for Genetics and Pathology and Battery Manufacturing Industry.

A brief description of the major awards won by your company.

OTFCoder Private Limited has been featured in several magazines like Insights Success, Great Companies, top 20 companies in domain of Genetics and Pathology and also been awarded at Battery Fair 2023.

What advice would you give to other businesswomen who want to thrive in a male-dominated industry?

To be open minded, and to have both the guts to bear the ups and downs and the courage to do everything with a smile. Be fierce and be strong.

Are you a decision maker & risk taker?

Yes, undoubtedly.

Describe the most memorable incident of your professional life.

There have been many incidents that are memorable and have impacted my professional as well as professional life and each one holds an integral part in my life. May be next time I will be able to share the most memorable incident.

One word that describe you the best…

Problem solver

If you had one piece of advice to rising entrepreneurs just starting out, what would it be?

To have faith and patience, and let time be their best but don’t stop putting efforts. Set short term goals and move towards achieving the same.

How would you like people to remember you and your company?

As someone who really made an impact in their lives

What is your favourite metaphor for describing entrepreneurship?

Roller coaster


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