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10 Best Golden Rules for Living a Happy Life


Today we talk about Golden Rules for Living a Happy Life. “Life is what you make it,” we all have heard this, thousands of times. But sometimes, life seems to go off-track and things do not happen the way we want them to happen, which makes us feel sad and disappointed.

We all want to live a happy life and thus we wonder how to live a happy life, do we not? For most people, it never seems practical for the reason that I have mentioned above. But still, some rules can be followed, which might help one to live a happy life.

Do you know what those rules are? Not to worry if you are not aware of the same because we are going to learn it ahead of in this article – 10 golden rules to live a happy life.

Read this article till the end and find out the 10 golden rules that may help you to live a happy life.

 5 Golden Rules for Living a Happy Life

#1. Do What Your Heart Says

Your heart has all the answers to your questions, it knows what exactly you need to do. Be focused on your career, goals, passion, growth, and personality. Do not let your fear, no matter what, prevent you from living your life the way you want, or from doing the things you want to do.

Here is a famous quote by Sigmund Freud, “In the small matters trust the mind, in the large ones the heart.”

#2. Physical and Mental Health to be Treasured

Your health should be your top priority – both physical and mental health. Remember, “Health is Wealth.” Nowadays, what most people are doing is, they are more focused on their physical health only, without realizing that mental health plays a great role in physical health. People are sort of ignoring their mental health due to societal taboos surrounding mental health. People are afraid and hesitant about asking about for help related to their mental health, which is a matter of concern.

At times of stress or anxiety, ask for and take help. Listen to music, read books, or do whatever it takes to overcome your stress.

Do not suppress your emotions share them with the ones you trust the most, they could be anyone – your college/school friend, your favorite teacher, etc. Sharing your emotions helps you to feel relaxed and relieve stress.

#3. Be Honest with Yourself

Being honest with yourself is a must, it is not only a must but also a good trait to have. And by ignoring or denying our stress, we are not being honest with ourselves, which is increasing the problem further.

It is the need of the hour that we start acknowledging it when we are feeling stressed, instead of keeping working on a daily monotonous schedule at our workplace or even at home, and take a pause and relax whenever stress hits us.

#4. Get Some Creativity and Persistence

If you want to get successful, persistence and consistency are the way to go, hard work is necessary but not enough. You need to work hard but smartly and creatively.

#5. Kindness is Beautiful

I have seen people being kind to others but not to themselves. Being kind to people you meet and know is good but while doing so, one should not forget they also deserve their kindness for themselves. Whenever you achieve anything, give a treat to yourself, acknowledge it and celebrate it. You become your biggest fan!

#6. Have Good Habits

Developing good habits is one of the best things that one can do and keep doing. We can learn and develop good habits from anyone around us. There are many people that we meet every day, and every one of them has something good, and unique in themselves that we can learn and adapt. It will benefit us in the long run.

#7. Be Fearless

It often happens that we feel trapped in situations and we start becoming nervous. Whenever you feel trapped in something or there is no way ahead, relax and calm down your mind. Take a pause, it is okay. Then make a plan B, prepare yourself for it, and proceed. No fear can ever scar you if your willpower is strong enough.

#8. Count All the Blessings that You Got

It is one of the most effective ways to stay happy, it works. We all have got some blessings in our lifetime, and counting our blessings and expressing our gratitude magnifies our blessings.

#9. Wear Your Smile with You, Your Natural Makeup

Smiling is not only beneficial for the one who is smiling but for the people around as well. We can never know whom our smile is inspiring or making happy. There might be people you know who, with all their hearts, waiting just to see you smile – a smile that is not fake or made up, but a natural one.

#10. Apologize Only When Required

Do not say or be sorry when you have done nothing wrong but only when it is required. You do not need to say sorry for making time for yourself, you do not need to say sorry when you are not able to meet some unrealistic expectations set upon you, you do not need to say sorry for being you, and you do not need to say sorry for saying no for the things you do not enjoy doing. These are the Golden Rules for Living a Happy Life.


Here were the 10 Golden Rules for Living a Happy Life that may help us live our life happily, though these rules do not guarantee the same, still, there is no harm in following these rules, either.

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