5 Podcast Audio Platforms

5 Best Podcast Audio Platforms You Must Know | 2023


Best Podcast Audio Platforms

Let’s start about talking Best Podcast Audio Platforms As the days are passing, podcasts are continuously getting famous, nowadays. At times, podcasts can be a great source of knowledge along with entertainment.

There are many podcast platforms available for us to choose from and all of them are accessible through a simple Google search, so it would be best if we choose from the ones that provide the listeners (you) with quality content.

So, how to know which podcast platforms are providing quality content? Do not worry, we have got you covered ahead.

Here we have compiled a list of 5 podcast platforms with quality-rich content or information for the listeners.

Keep reading it till the end, and explore those 5 podcast audio platforms you must know.

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#1. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is one of the leading and most famous podcast platforms available. Google Podcasts enables its listeners to listen to and enjoy podcasts from anywhere and at any time.

Google Podcasts always offers its users personalized podcast recommendations to its listeners, so the listeners always find something new that, too, based on what listeners are interested to listen to.

Google Podcasts is completely focused on podcasts, only. So, on Google Podcasts, you will not find anything else except podcasts.

There are numerous podcast genres to explore here, such as education, business, entertainment, news, etc.

#2. Spotify

With more than 3 million podcasts and an extensive collection of songs available, Spotify has become a household name for both its podcast service and songs. One thing that is noteworthy about Spotify is that respects the artists’ voices or opinions. Whether it is a podcast episode or a song, it never censors anything, unlike other platforms.

There is no song that is released but is not available on Spotify, this is my personal experience of using Spotify, so far.

Spotify also enables its users to create a shareable playlist, which they can share with their friends. And they can even invite their friends or anyone to collaborate in their created playlist.

If you are comfortable with ads, Spotify will probably be the best platform for you to enjoy both podcasts and music. You can also subscribe to its premium if you want to remove ads from Spotify.

#3. Pocket Casts

If you are looking for a multi-faceted podcast app, you can count on Pocket Casts. It is a simple-to-use app.

It does not matter if you are looking for old podcasts or newly released ones, you will find them all on Pocket Casts. You can manage your favorite podcasts on this app with ease, which makes them quickly accessible.

And the best thing about Pocket Casts is that you do not need to subscribe and it enables you to enjoy podcasts without being worried to spend money to subscribe.

#4. Audible

Audible, which is an Amazon company, is popularly known for Audiobooks but it provides podcasts as well. Audible gives you access to exclusive podcasts that you will not find anywhere else and lets you create your library.

Along with the podcasts, you can also listen to your favorite authors’ books as well. There are many books available on Audible, in audio format which you can listen to anywhere and everywhere.

Audible is especially great for those who love to read books but do not get enough time for the same, as they can listen to a huge collection of Audiobooks even while traveling.

#5. Stitcher

Quite similar to Google Podcasts, Stitcher is also a podcast-focused application.

When you sign in to Stitcher, you will see the top picks of the week by Stitcher and some playlists that celebrate independent artists and more.

Furthermore, if you upgrade to its premium, you will also get early access to certain shows or episodes on Stitcher.


These were the top 5 podcast audio platforms you must know. Here we got to know about 5 podcast platforms that are popular and provide quality-rich content.

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