Widely Read Magazines in the World

6 Best Widely Read Magazines in the World


Best Widely Read Magazines in the World

In this article, we talk about Best Widely Read Magazines in the World. How many magazines are out there in the world? Many, right? It is an age-old trend of reading magazines. There are numerous magazines in the world covering a various range of topics. Some are theme-centric like business, technology, education, etc., while some cover many topics under one roof.

There are many magazines, but which are the most widely read? Do we know? No need to worry, though. We have got you covered in this article.

Here, we are going to explore the 6 Best Widely Read Magazines in the World, which will help you choose from the best ones and also help you save time you would probably spend choosing from the thousands of magazines in the market.

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#1. TIME Magazine

Time is a weekly magazine published in New York and one of the world’s leading magazines. The journalists who are working at this magazine hold vast experience in several topics and voice out their opinions or viewpoints on numerous topics to back their opinion, they present us with some facts and stats. And this makes their written article in the magazine interesting to read.

#2. Forbes

No one is unaware of this magazine. It covers all the economic issues that happen all over the world, which helps its reader to stay informed about everything that is related to or has something to do with economics. And the information provided by this magazine helps the readers to make decisions regarding their finances and investments if any they have made.

#3. Vogue

Founded in 1892, Vogue is the leading fashion and lifestyle magazine. It is an American magazine that was started by Arthur Baldwin Turnure who was a veteran of the publishing industry and had worked for Harper’s Magazine until 1870 when he established his publishing unit named The Gentleman’s Quarterly Review.

Vogue Magazine has more than 17 million readers around the globe, it started to achieve success from its very first launch which generated a revenue of 40,000 dollars.

#4. Wired

Wired is an American magazine that was founded in 1993. It is a technology magazine that reports on the topics of internet affects culture and technology. This magazine is in the existence for 20 years now and has gained a circulation of over one million per month. When Wired was in its starting days, its high-quality editorial writing was its main selling point, which has made it earn several honors that include the award of the Magazine of the Year in 2000, awarded by Advertising Age.

#5. National Geographic

National Geographic was founded by a US businessman named Gilbert H. Grosvenor in 1888. It provides educational content through several sources such as books, magazines, etc.

It publishes reports on history, geography, and culture. It also covers topics of science such as space exploration and natural disasters.

Its journalistic excellence made it bag hundreds of awards and honors, which include 4 Emmy Awards and 12 Pulitzer Prices. And for this reason, this is the most popular magazine in America.

#5. People

With more than 23 million readers in circulation, people is one of the world’s most widely read magazines. Along with some exclusive interviews that you will not be able to find anywhere else, People Magazine covers a wide range of topics such as politics, celebrity updates, etc.

People is the perfect magazine for those looking for quality-rich news content and culture-related coverage.

#6. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Magazine, which was founded in 1977, is an America-based magazine that covers entrepreneurship, small business management, and business stories.

Every year, ten issues are published by this magazine, which readers can read by subscribing or at newsstands.

Furthermore, Entrepreneur Magazine publishes an annual list which is called Franchise 500. This list compiles and ranks the most prominent 500 franchising companies in America.


This was our list of the 6 Best Widely Read Magazines in the World, in which we talked about the magazines that are the most popular at an international level.

Hope this was an insightful read for you and will help you to choose from the most popular ones as your next magazine read.

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