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10 Best Incredible Places in Gujarat You Must Visit | 2023

Best Incredible Places in Gujarat

So, are you a vagabond who is looking for yet another travel destination? Are you on the hunt for the tourist spots that are yet to be visited by you? Are you a travelogue writer looking for inspiration or an idea to write your next travelogue book?

If you have nodded to any of the questions then we have something amazing and cool in our store to offer you! Can you guess what that is?

Yeah, that is right! We have curated a list of 10 incredible places in Gujarat that you must visit. Are you excited to know and learn about them?

You are, and that is why you are here, right? We are also excited here to let you all know about those incredible places in Gujarat so that you can make an informed choice of what to visit next!

Before we move ahead, let us learn a few relevant things about Gujarat itself. With a population of 6.27 crores (2013), Gujarat is one of the most amazing places to visit in India. Its mind-blowing architecture is loved by all the visitors who go to visit this place. Gujarat is a famous place for its historic capitals, beaches, and temple towns.

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So, now continue reading ahead and know about those 10 unexplored places in Gujarat that you need to explore.

#1. Lothal

Lothal is a very important part of the Indus Valley Civilization. The ruins of this place will fascinate you, it does not matter if you love history or not. And make your visit to this place more memorable, you will find a museum situated in this place as well. The museum features all the utensils of that time, important stones, the civilization’s remaining, and much more to enhance your knowledge. Though this place is not in the talks much, still you will certainly not regret visiting here. Lothal is one of the worth visiting tourist spots in Gujarat, which you will always remember you have visited.

#2. Anand

Anand is that place in Gujarat, which will make you feel and experience the traditional lifestyle. This place will give you a feel of the old-world charm. Anand enables its visitors to get a glimpse of the historical heritage of Gujarat. While you experience a refreshing moment in your life by visiting this aesthetic place, you can also offer your prayer in Swamy Narayan Mandir which is situated here.

#3. Mandvi Beach

If you are fond of calmness and tranquility then this is the place that will suit you the best as it is away from the crowd of Gujarat. The peaceful environment and pure water will fascinate you so much that you will not want to leave this place soon. It just feels awesome to stare at the beach and witness its beauty. And clean sand that you will see here, will make you admire Mandvi Beach even more.

#4. Modhera

This place is also known as Modhera Sun Temple, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions and religious places in Gujarat where each year an important festival is held here. If you visit this place during the festival, you will be amazed to see the authentic folk dance presented at Modhera Sun Temple.

#5. Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is located in the Saurashtra Region, Gujarat. This is one of the less-visited places in Gujarat but is worth visiting. Cotton, which is famous in Gujarat, can be purchased from Bhavnagar. Or you can even enjoy the exclusive cuisine as well, in Bhavnagar.

#6. Wankaner

Not many people are aware of this place, but this place will give you a feeling of royal lifestyle and generosity. It is a beautiful town with the Macchu River on one of its sides, and there are many extraordinary heritage buildings and spots.

#7. Girnar

Now, Girnar is a place to visit for the knight-errant people. There are some attractive hills and fabulous sceneries in this destination, which make its visitors eager to explore them instantaneously. If you are someone who is planning to try some adventures then you can visit Girnar. Your mind will be blown.

#8. Himmatnagar

This is a very amazing place to visit in Gujrat but still many people are not aware of it. This is the place where you will find some Jain temples that are demonstrating architectural heritage, and the natural beauty of this place will win your heart, whether you are a nature lover or not.

#9. Polo Forest

Nature lovers and introverts will love this place, the greenery this place holds is fascinating. It is one of the most ancient historical spots in Gujarat that keeps its visitors close to nature. The experience of drastically changing weather that you will get, would be one of a kind. You will find 200 species of beautiful birds adding even more to the beauty of Polo Forest, making it more admirable

#10. Ninai Waterfall

This is another introvert-friendly, amazing, and worth visiting place in Gujarat. Ninai Waterfall originates from the Narmada River, this waterfall gives you a stunningly beautiful view of the water that is falling from the height of 30-odd feet. The aesthetic beauty of this waterfall can refresh your mood in no time. Ninai Waterfall is a place that you do not want to miss visiting.


These were the 10 unexplored places in Gujarat that you need to explore, which we have discussed and learned about in the article above. We hope that it will be helpful for you to choose your next travel destination.

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